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Autumn Sunshine in the Garden

It has been the most glorious Autumn day and I have been sitting outside for hours as I have finished off two outfits for our twin Grandbabies due in January. These cardigans have  mother-of-pearl buttons from my Grandfather, the Great Great Grandfather of these babies, as have all the things I have knitted for any of the Live Wires.

They each have little labels in that say,’Handmade with love especially for you.’

Live Wire T left us her butterfly hanging from my monkey planter and the wind had wound them up in a rather pleasing pattern. 

Glorious Autumn colours against a cerulean sky!

Happy Hallowe’en everyone.


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Violet, Gorse and Bracken

Our walk today was under a grey sky but still mild and comfortable. It was a delight to come across a Violet flower.

It is always possible to find Gorse or Fuzzy Bush as it is known locally, in flower, hence the line from  the song ‘Black and Gold’ 

           “Kissing’s out of fashion when the furze is out of bloom!”

The clocks having gone back in the night, the afternoon was soon done and the sun low in the sky, lit up some beautifully coloured bracken.


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A lovely friend made this and gave it to me to add to my angel collection. Isn’t it just beautiful?


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Little Hats,  Friendship and Leaf

A parcel arrived yesterday with two little gifts inside for our twin Grandbabies due in January. Today I received permission to take a peek!

Thank you so much, Brenda.

Today’s calendar had this pleasing thought from C S Lewis:

FRIENDSHIP is born at the moment when one person says to another,”What! you, too? I thought I was the only one!”

An autumn leaf for you.

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Seagull, Pattern and Enthusiasm 

In Truro today, the seagull on the top of the Drummer was calling attention to himself.

We went to see I, Daniel Blake, tonight at the Filmhouse in Newlyn. What an amazing piece of work by Ken Loach. See it if you can and weep. The light pattern on the reclaimed wood in the building caught my eye.

I like the philosophy expressed by Roald Dahl here:


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Bee, Fungi and A Cloud

In the rich dew of this Autumn morning I found a bee on one of the Crinodendron flowers and loved how the sunlight caught the little drops of dew on all his tiny hairs and collected in bigger drops on his wings.

Down the lane today we came upon a new crop of fungi.

Sunset was at 5.45 this evening and the clouds all turned peachy in the setting glow.


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Goodbyes, Web and Beach Robin

After an all-too-short visit, here are our Live Wires looking down the track for their train.

On our way from the house J noticed  a lovely spider web so on our return I took this photo for him.

This afternoon we went on a new walk near Helford and found a tiny beach called Padgagarrack Cove where a chirpy Robin joined us.


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