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Family Fun and Angels in Paris

A few hours of fun with our Live Wires and we were off to catch the Eurostar  to Paris!

J is here showing his little cousin how to slide down the banisters!

We have come to Paris on an Angel hunt. We were introduced to this idea by two people we met earlier this year who had just returned from the city having scoured the streets and buildings  looking for Angels and had loved their discovery of streets and lanes where the traveller rarely goes. To help us in our quest we have Rosemary Flannery’s little book, ‘Angels of Paris’.

Can you just imagine our delight when we emerged from the Metro, having walked maybe 50 yards when we came across our first Angel serendipitously on our way to our hotel . Our first so typical view as we came out of the Metro……

….was followed closely by The Lighthouse Angel,  a huge and beautiful creature, smiling graciously over the street below.  To quote from Rosemary Flannery’s charming book, “Its tassel earrings, beaded necklace, ribbon sash and embroidered bag make him a beacon for the passemonterie, or trimmings trade, for which the neighbourhood was known.” Watch this space for more Angels of Paris over the next few days.

We are also here to mark our 50th Anniversary of  first falling in love in October 1966.


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