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Birthday, Catalan Feast and The Moon

What a treat to share my birthday with the Barcelona branch of our family, though, sadly as I write my birthday is not to be shared by our Grandbaby twins who have still not arrived. I have firstly been spoiled with a delicious breakfast and some lovely presents of pashminas, my favourite perfume and some gorgeous earrings. The little terracotta bear is a Brown sugar bear from the Atlanta branch of the family. It is for keeping biscuits crisp or soft brown sugar moist!

Then, after a walk in the sunshine, a scrumptious Catalan lunch was brought over by some very good friends of the family, all traditional foods of Cataluna. Just look at the feast on the table.

Another walk took us around the block where we spotted a nearly new moon. We needed the extra walk after that wonderful lunch to make room for the special Senegalese meal which we suspect is coming along tonight as we have spotted the ingredients in the kitchen. Photos of that meal tomorrow! I have been told that today I have the day off. D is doing the cooking while A is encouraging her babies to enter the world!


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Another Sculpture, Fountain and Dog Parking

We went looking for another of the sculptures by Jessour Agustson today and found one of a child feeding the pigeons. When there is water in this pond, she will look as if she is getting a drink of water. I would love to see her reflection when there is water present.

On our walk back we found a fountain playing in the sunlight.

Just down the road from where the family lives is this charming sign.

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Citrus Colours, Sculpture and Tree

This delightful selection of glorious citrus fruit came my way today. I don’t know who the photographer is but thanks anyway.

We love the naturalness of the sculptures in Canovelles and the way they seem to be part of the community – the one the other day of the young woman reading and this one of the old fellow leaning and watching the world go by. We think there is at least one more to find.

This trained tree caught my eye. 


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Granollers – Star, Chairs and Leaf

We really enjoy taking Oldest Livewire into Granollers on the bus, having her help with the shopping and treating her in a cafe! Today we noticed a beautiful star over the door of a primary school, some painted chairs and a golden leaf against  the cerulean blue sky.


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Paving Flower, Skating and First Knitting 

A tiny pink flower was braving the cracks in the paving.

Oldest Live-wire’s  Christmas boots came out today for a first try. What excitement!
Another first, N asked if she could learn to knit and, just by chance I had some child’s needles and some wool in my case! She is a very quick learner and despite being left handed, was knitting right handed in no time. Actually, does anyone know if handedness matters when knitting?   I was the same age, eight, when my Granny came to stay with us in Cornwall and taught me to knit. It is a great pleasure to pass on the skill and to such a willing learner.


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Red, Ginger Cat and A Sunset Walk

We found these pretty red flowers on our walk to the swing park.

As we were leaving, a ginger cat befriended us.

The skies were glorious as the sun was setting.

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Happy Christmas to you all


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Christmas Dog, Christmas Tree and Christmas Biscuits 

Oldest Live-wire,aged 8, is my guest blogger today!

We went shopping for secrets in Granollers today and we saw a beautiful dog.

Granny brought me a present and it was a tree for decorating and I liked it a lot. I finished on Christmas Eve. My Uncle Tom gave me the star.
 These are my Christmas biscuits.I made them and Granny helped me and we decorated them.

Happy Christmas/Feliz Navidad/Bon Nadal/Buon Natale/Joyeux Noel!


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Sculpture, Wedding and Snowman

Going on the bus this afternoon from Canovelles to Granollers we passed a couple of people sculptures. I loved this one of a girl reading by the bus stop in Canovelles. I took the photo through the bus window.

In the centre of Granollers, near the Christmas market, we heard lots of cheering and realised that a wedding had just taken place in the rather lovely council offices.

By the time we returned to Canovelles, it was dark and the delightful Snowmen were lit up on each Main Street into town.

By the way, we had a very skilled interpreter with us helping with all our shopping – our eight year old Granddaughter, the oldest of our Livewires who speaks five languages! She grew up with Wolof, started school in Senegal being taught in French, met D who became her Daddy so she learned English and now lives in Spain where she can now speak both Spanish and Catalan. She is learning Italian from her Uncle!


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Dawn, Mountains and Marigolds

What a delight to fly into the dawn, a compensation for getting up at 4.30am!

Flying over The Pyrenees was very beautiful.

And now we are in Canovelles with the family, enjoying warm sunshine and getting ready for Christmas. On a stroll around the area we came across some planters full of marigolds where bees were busy collecting nectar.


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