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Parisian Angels, The Eiffel Tower and Metro Stations

All the way over to the 17th Arondissement today to find the church of St Odile. Rosemary Flannery describes the facade of the church as having ‘an orchestra of Angels’ and so they were. What an absolute delight, so many twelve year old Angels with instruments, all as in an Egyptian mural and all with the most beautiful feathered wings. The church was beautiful inside too with glorious stained glass. Building was begun in 1935 but for various reasons was not completed until 1946. Anne-Marie Roux-Colas designed this beautiful facade.

There was lots of colour too in the garden next to the Church.Next we headed to a view of the Eiffel Tower next door to the Palais de Chaillot where we wanted to find a quirky horizontal Angel. First the tower with the top lost in mist and reflected in the water below and a rain-dropped rose petal caught in the corner of one of the steps.

Can you see him, flying in from the left? This one by Jean Rennee Debarre dates from 1937.

We are enjoying travelling on the Metro, fast, quiet (rubber wheels unlike in London) and with some very lovely stations. This first is our local when we travel on line 11, the next when we travel on line 3.


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