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Sticky Pictures, Cranberries and Thanksgiving

Coming away from singing this morning, the playgroup on the ground floor had delightful toddler art work drying on the washing line.It’s Thanksgiving in America today and to feel closer to all our American family and friends we cook a Thanksgiving dinner – but not quite the real thing! This is the Cranberry sauce being made, fresh cranberries with a cinnamon stick, some soft brown sugar and a good slug of brandy.We didn’t cook a whole turkey, just a turkey breast and we didn’t cook as many vegetables as our lovely brother and Sister-in-law, just Maple glazed carrots, sprouts with shallots, chestnuts and crispy bacon, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, the cranberry sauce and delicious onion stuffing or dressing as my SIL calls it – and all with the best turkey gravy! It was a fabulous meal and it makes us very happy to be ‘sharing’ this celebration with those we love across the pond.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.


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