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Hanging Baskets, Fungi and Dandelion Clock

Our little town is a picture with so many hanging baskets and troughs.

Walking up from town, these Bracket fungi were too big to miss.


I love the delicacy of Dandelion clocks.



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Sunset, Spiders and Sweet Peas

Last night’s sunset was very dramatic. We walked up to Wheal Coates by Chapel Porth to watch the sun sink into the sea only there was a bank of cloud to prevent us doing that. Nevertheless, the sunset was beautiful!
I went out into the garden to pick Sweet peas for a very old friend that we were going to visit this afternoon and found three different spiders enjoying them.  The bunch we took filled the car with their perfume.


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A Plate, A Poem and A Flower

I love the way this plate smiles at us from the Welsh dresser. It says Ming on the back but there must be several Mings!DSCN4693

We went to The Asylum the other evening, Kneehigh Theatre’s Two Gentlemen of Verona in a marquee and there was a display of their time in ‘The Jungle’ in Calais. I found this poem by a refugee very moving.

DSCN4643 DSCN4647

Our Fuchsias are blooming lovely!DSCN4681


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Wheal Amelia, Butterfly and A Magpie

Cornwall is scattered with old engine houses, relics of the days when tin and copper were mined here. This one I saw today used to be called Wheal Amelia but as you will see from the plaque there is more to its history than that.

Wheal Amelia

Wheal Amelia


An unusual butterfly landed on the shed roof today. It turns out to be a Wall Brown, Lasiommata Megera.

 Wall Brown Lasiommata megera

Wall Brown
Lasiommata megera

A Magpie landed on our beautiful sculpture, Fledgling, by Richard Holliday, to wait for its turn at the feeders.DSCN4676


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Frame

We were in St Euny Graveyard this morning doing a bit more research for our Perthi Kov Project when I remembered this week’s challenge and saw an opportunity to frame Carn Brea Castle and the Basset Monument atop Carn Brea through the holes in a memorial shaped as a Cornish Cross.

Carn Brea Castle and The Basset Monument

Carn Brea Castle and The Basset Monument

Lucy Ann Whitley

I’ll tell you more about the project, Perthi Kov, which  means remember in Cornish, at a later date.

For others in this week’s challenge, click here.


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Join Us For Our Wedding Anniversary

We have had a beautiful day together in lovely Cornish sunshine. Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner on this our 49th Wedding Anniversary! Click on any photo for the caption. Happy days to you all, my lovely readers.


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Penryn River, Choir Baby, and An Evening Rainbow

It is so lovely every Thursday to have this view of the Penryn River when we are singing with The Suitcase Singers. What a privilege.

Penryn River

Penryn River

We have a new Choir Baby, J, who is just eleven weeks old – and what a joy to us all. His Mum and his Granny sing with us – three generations singing together. Isn’t that just brilliant?

We were in the kitchen just after 8pm having supper with our lovely neighbour when we became aware of a particularly beautiful light outside and then saw the rainbow. It was there for over ten minutes and was surrounded by the glorious golden light of the magic Golden Hour.

An evening rainbow

An evening rainbow


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