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Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun!

It has been great fun knitting this little cardigan with multi-coloured yarn and seeing how the stripes appear. It is fun too to imagine one of our expected twin Grand-babies wearing it. Now to get on with finishing off its pair, in the same yarn but turning out quite different which is also fun.¬†This cardigan, like the others I am knitting has little mother-of-pearl buttons from the babies’ Great Great Grandfather, buttons on cards which I have inherited and treasured from my Grandad’s days as a button salesman. So, the buttons, being over 100 years old, are antiques!

For one of the babies expected in January

For one of the babies expected in January, 6 month size.

For others in this Challenge, please click the red link.

For Diane who asked for the pattern details:DSCN4128


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