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Blue Tit, Trebah Gardens and Redruth

I love the Crinodendron tree. It has flowers, seed pods and new baby flower buds all at the same time. A Blue Tit came to get the seeds this morning. The photo was taken on maximum zoom through the kitchen window.


We promised ourselves a day out for our Wedding Anniversary which is on Friday but we are busy then so today we went off to Trebah Gardens, a 26-acre sub-tropical garden with four miles of paths. I think we walked all four miles today, meandering down the valley to the beach and up and around every path in sight Рa fabulous day!  Join us through the gallery. Click on any photo for greater detail.

Later, we popped into Redruth for a couple of things and were struck by how lovely the hanging baskets are this year.DSCN4557


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