Daily Archives: August 21, 2016

Last Walk, Dolly and The Station

This was our last morning with our Live Wires and they wanted to walk up to see the engine houses on The Great Flat Lode trail up behind our house.  It was quite a haul for little legs so I took a short cut with T and J went further with his Grandad to see the engine houses close up.  On our way up the lane we met a couple just going to feed their horses and they invited the children to go to watch. Dolly had a brilliant technique of kicking her bucket to loosen up her food which we all thought was very clever.

After lunch, it was time for the train and goodbyes and now the house is all too quiet and still – and I need a rest!!

Thank you so much to all my lovely readers who wrote such encouraging comments to my little Guest Bloggers! They will reply when they are home, probably tomorrow. They were both so delighted to see their blogs published! I think they will want to join in on every visit from now on!

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