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Found, Flower Baskets and A Garden

Walking up the lane, we saw some unexpected colour in the hedge and discovered a little lost toy waving at us.

Today’s route from town brought us past St Rumon’s gardens. I love the stone work and the hanging baskets.

On the way back up the hill, we pass this rather exotic garden, Dracaena Palms, Banana plants and in Spring, a huge magnolia.



Hanging Baskets, Fungi and Dandelion Clock

Our little town is a picture with so many hanging baskets and troughs.

Walking up from town, these Bracket fungi were too big to miss.


I love the delicacy of Dandelion clocks.



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Soups, Walk and Marmalade

Today I have made some Runner Bean soup (recipe here but do try googling Runner Bean soup!) and some delicious Carrot, Orange and Mint Soup.

Soups in pint containers, ready to freeze

Soups in pint containers, ready to freeze

2   We had a walk this afternoon, just around town. There are masses of beautiful hanging baskets and window boxes all over the place. I love this entrance to St Rumon’s Gardens.

Flowers outside St Rumon's Gardens

Flowers outside St Rumon’s Gardens

We had only one jar of Marmalade left so had to make it now or not for several weeks. We made 5 lbs each – mine just plain Seville Orange and Mr S’s Orange and Mandarin, all from fruit frozen away last February. The tiny, one serving, jars are for my breakfast in bed in my first week of recovery!

Marmalade maratho

Marmalade marathon


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