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A Poem, A Pool and A Pimms

We are having  another few beautiful Summer Days as August draws to a close. This poem by Katy Lue called ‘Summer Days’ sums up the feeling today.

The air is alive on a summer day
it compliments the sweet aroma that weaves within,
The air is humid on a summer day,
it sticks to the world in such a way that the wind must shake it off,
The air sings on a summer day
it rises and falls with the melody’s sway,
The air is love on a summer day
it watches the lovers enjoying the weather and wonders itself ‘What could be better?’ 
The air surrounds on a summer day
it surrounds all and loves all and is the foundation to such a sweet summer day. 

We were invited to a neighbour’s pool which was just lovely and the reflections of the trees and shrubs in the water caught my eye.DSCN4485Then, this evening the lovely Mr S made me a pretty Pimms.DSCN4490

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