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Droplets, Lao Tzu and Greek Drama Masks

1   Before the sun came into that part of the garden, the pansies in my raised edible garden, just outside the kitchen window, were covered in misty dew drops. If you zoom in, there is an upside down image of me in the centre droplet.

Droplets on a pansy

Droplets on a pansy


2   I read this yesterday and thought it lovely:

‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage’ (attributed to Lao Tzu

Laozi was a philosopher and poet of ancient China. He is best known as the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching and the founder of philosophical Taoism, but he is also revered as a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions. Wikipedia

3   We have a pair of stone comedy/tragedy drama masks in the garden against the trellis and today I noticed that the Clematis has grown in such a way as to tickle just under the nose of the happy one and wrapping the nose of the sad one. He really looks thoroughly fed up with the situation!

Drama masks

Drama masks


I have posted the recipe for the delicious and easy cake I made a few weeks ago. You can find it here


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Choir-Baby Walking, Pumpkins and Recipe Links

1      Imagine our delight when 11 month old Choir-baby T, set off to walk across the room this morning! Last week he could wall-walk; this week he can walk confidently and turn around without falling!

Choir-baby T walking

I’ve had enough of this grown-up talk! I’m off to explore!

2   Only the other day, I was admiring a photo of pumpkins from America and then today when I went shopping, I saw all these. Wish they were as beautifully displayed as the ones mentioned.

Glorious pumpkins

3   I’ve frozen the Curried Cauliflower Soup today and have put the recipe on my Recipe Page. You can find it here. You can also find the Happy Cake recipe here .

Curried Cauliflower Soup ready for the freezer

P.S. A warning about the Happy Cake! The tryptophan might make you sleepy!

Some lovely Fellow Bloggers have given me some delightful Awards – thank you all so much, very much appreciated!   I’ll sort them out asap!



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