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Six on Saturday – My Suffragette Garden

Several years ago we planted a small border with a colour scheme of purple, white and green dedicated to my Great Granny who was a Suffragette, was imprisoned in Holloway, went on hunger strike  and was force fed. In the family but not in my possession, we have the Holloway brooch designed by Sylvia Pankhurst and given to all those incredibly brave women who fought for our right to vote.  To honour her, we have our Suffragette Garden.

1.  This was the garden two years ago in Spring, a bit later than now.


2.  Now it is looking tired with just a few individual splashes of colour and it needs renovation. This is my main project for the moment. We want colour all year round. We have Clematis, one white and one purple for later in the year. We have Japanese Anemones and we had Tibouchina Urvilleana but it isn’t looking very well. I’m thinking of a couple of small Hebes, one white and one purple. If anyone has suggestions to help, especially plants that won’t demand too much attention, I’m all ears. The white Narcissi at the road end that were once lovely have almost all come up blind for the second year…..

Not enough colour, lots of clearing  work to be done

3.  There are pops of colour to be seen but fewer Crocuses than two years ago. The birds up-rooted lots of them.


4.  Only one Hyacinth is showing and that one a bit thin.

Lonely Hyacinth and much weeding to be done

5.  The Clematis is showing lots of growth and rather early so we hope there is no cold spell coming to knock it back, fairly unlikely here in Cornwall but by no means impossible.

Clematis growing well

6.   And just to show you – The Holloway Brooch, on which we base our colour scheme.


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My Suffragette Garden in the Rain

The garden is drinking up the very welcome rain today and everything is glistening. My Suffragette garden has white and purple blooms and an Ivy leaf that has fallen has purple and green with a white pebble or two nearby. together.


The Hebe is full of fluffy purple flowers.



Underplanting the Hebe are some tiny white Cyclamen and I noticed the flowers for the first time today.



For new readers, my Suffragette garden is planted in honour of my Great Granny who was imprisoned in Holloway for her actions in trying to get the vote for women. She was force-fed while in prison and in another branch of the family we have the Holloway Brooch presented to all those who were so treated.


The Holloway Brooch


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