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Baking, A Parcel and The Sea

My day got better today when LiveWire no2 called to ask if I could bake with him. Of course! Video call and ingredients all ready, we spent a happy couple of hours making Choc Chip and Raisin Cookies. Our lovely neighbour likes it when I bake with him too as we share out the results.

A late parcel arrived yesterday wrapped in this delightful brown wrapping paper.

We really needed a different place to walk today so drove a few miles to the North coast. Our walk was short in the bitterest of chill winds!

Sea at Porthtowan



Christmas Day Walk, Christmas Swimmers and Love

It has been a family tradition to go for a walk on the beach on Christmas Day, whatever the weather, since we first came to live in Cornwall when I was six years old. Yesterday, the sun shone and it was glorious! We were almost alone, with just a few dog walkers, walking on Porthtowan beach and heading, at the turn of the tide, towards Wheal Coates up on the cliffs.

As we turned to return, only the sound of the waves and the odd excited dog barking to be heard, we were astounded to see a hundred or more people had arrived while we were strolling. Then, all the more astonished to see them all race into the winter sea!

The following video is a bit shaky – I was cold!

Choose love.


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Garden, Glass and the Beach

After coming to singing with me this morning, I let LiveWire No 3 loose with my camera in the garden and she took some beauties. This is my favourite.

Muker, the copper crow

Both youngsters finished off their glass shooting stars this afternoon.

Shooting stars

And, of course, we went to the beach later in the afternoon for another session of dam building and stream diverting.

Having fun



Crenelations, Gulls and Sun on the Water

More sun today! Porthtowan was our destination for a bitterly cold walk along the beach, arriving through the valley past the old workings of the Tywarnhayle Copper Mines.

Tywarnhayle Copper Mine with the unusual crenelations at the top of the chimney

Birds on the beach

Low sun on the water at Porthtowan


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Looking, Leaping and A Poem

Beach with the LiveWires this morning was cold but fun.

Looking out to sea

Leaping over a stream

I was sent this thoughtful New Year poem as a present this morning with permission to publish here if I wished. I do – so here it is for you to enjoy as well.


Poem for the new year (1995)

No more haunted houses,
stale-breathed walls
No more picking our way
around scrabbled ruins, choked
by the hold of generations
No more drawing at dry wells,
weaving whole cloth from
rags, brilliant
with their years and stories.
That’s right – begin here,
with the awe of
a new imagination,
a life still dangerously fresh,
precariously pink
at the bone,
a peach skin split,
flesh free from the stone,
juice drumming urgent
through your fingers –
begin with this.

c Karen Mittelman


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Egg Hunt, Sandcastles and Rogue Theatre

What a busy and entertaining day we have had! First an egg hunt in the garden then a trip to the beach at Porthtowan where the sun was warm and lovely. Lunch at the Blue bar was followed by a second session on the beach then a quick trip home before going off to Tehidy Woods where Rogue Theatre were performing their Easter show, Wild Spring Hare which was a delight from start to finish. Join us on our lovely day together.


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Last Day with the Family

All our lovely  kids have gone with their Little Live-wires and despite the Best Beloveds still being here, it is rather quiet. After the rain of the morning, we all went for Brunch at the Blue Bar in Porthtowan and then had a quiet afternoon with a lovely walk down to St Uny Churchyard.


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Waves, Beach Daisy and Digging Dog

1   A very windy but still warm day took us all for a walk on the beach. The off-shore wind was blowing the tops off the white horses.

Porthtowan Beach

Porthtowan Beach

Wave spray

Wave spray

2   There were lots of large pink daisies still in flower.

Beach daisy

Beach daisy

3   We had great fun watching a dog try to bury its owner in sand!

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