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Roses, Lunch and A Painting

The roses that the lovely Mr S bought for 8th September have all gone now but interestingly their scent has grown as the blooms have faded.

Last rose

I took a Lemon Cheesecake to a neighbours for a Wine and Shine shared lunch party today but forgot to take a photo! It was a lovely afternoon and the sun did shine for much of the afternoon and some brave souls went in the pool.

I thought you might like to see one of my favourite paintings, this one by Sasha Harding whose work I love. It is a delightful reminder of rock pool dipping in the summer. Our nets are all away in the shed awaiting the return of some LiveWires at half term.

By Sasha Harding


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Another Sunbeam, Baby Talk and Supper

1. This morning started cloudy so the low sunbeams when they appeared lit up a different part of the dresser highlighting one of my favourite paintings, only 6″x6″, by Sasha Harding, of someone enjoying her homemade soup. Isn’t it delightful?

2. Daughter No 3 phoned this afternoon and we could hear Grand-baby B chatting away in the background. She will be two in April and already has many many words, loving to repeat anything said to her.
3. Our lovely next-door neighbour brought our supper in for us this evening, a delicious goulash with brown rice, salad and plain yogurt. Such kindness from so many beautiful people.



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Mince Pies, Sunbeam and Wheal Coates Walk

1   I taught my Senegalese daughter-in-law how to make mince pies this morning. They turned out beautifully!

A's first ever mince pies

A’s first ever mince pies

2     Just as we were baking, a low winter sunbeam caught this painting by Sasha Harding. Serendipity!

Sasha Harding painting

Sasha Harding painting

3    We had sunshine  most of today before the expected return of the storms so we all had a walk up to Wheal Coates.  Many, many people had the same idea and A was delighted that everyone we met said Hello or Merry Christmas and one lovely walker offered to take a photo of us all. What special kindness to recognise our desire without a word being spoken!

Looking over to St Ives

Looking over to St Ives

Kind stranger

Kind stranger

Wheal Coates

Wheal Coates


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Painting, Peppers and Peachy Clouds

1   This beautiful little painting (and it is little, only 6″x6″) was my Christmas present from the lovely Mr S. I love Sasha Harding‘s work.

Sasha Harding's  "Day 10 Hot Soup"

Sasha Harding’s “Day 10 Hot Soup”

2   Halloumi Peppers for supper tonight (See Recipes) Aren’t they beautiful inside?

Red pepper sliced in half

Red pepper sliced in half

3   As it has become dusk, (later and later each day, I’m delighted to report)  these peachy clouds appeared over the rooftops opposite.

Dusk falling over rooftops

Dusk falling over rooftops


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Bathroom Art, Piano Practice and Tyangboche

1   I see these two wacky bits of art several times a day and they make me smile every time! The embroidered one, ‘a list of reasons to head for the sea’ kept me going when I lived out of Cornwall. The driftwood one is by Susan R Evans and we bought them both in the Art gallery below Leeds Museum many years ago.

2  I’ve done lots of short practises today. Below is my keyboard and another beautiful piece of art, one of my favourites, ‘ The Rock Pool’ by Sasha Harding. It’s lovely to look up at when I’m stuck on a piece.

My keyboard and 'The Rock Pool' by Sasha Harding

3   Lucy and fellow trekkers have reached Tyamboche at 12,687ft  today. I don’t think we’ll hear from her for another whole week!

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Webcam, Dickens and Peace

1  The Heligan webcam has given lots of birdwatching pleasure off and on today, thanks to the link from Shelagh, my friend in Vermont. (

2  We’ve listed to the two final episodes of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ this afternoon. What a brilliant, atmospheric production.

3  We’ve had a very quiet and peaceful day together.


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