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Lights Tree, Cyclamen and An Angel

The lovely Mr S put up our lights tree in the back garden. What a delight when darkness had fallen!

The tree of lights

I have put two Cyclamen we were given in among the various house plants and added the glass lights tree-cone which illuminates it all beautifully. Thanks A and P.

Forest of leaves and lights

We were also given a pretty little angel to add to my collection. It is simple and very lovely and I will add it to the tree when we get it up later this week.

Porcelain Angel – thanks A

To all those kind people who have been wishing me well, I am on the mend and I thank you all for your love and concern.

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Father Christmas Stairs, Angels and Glazed Ham

1    All the little Father Christmas figures are on the stairs, lit by tea-lights so that Father Christmas can find his way up the stairs tomorrow night.

Our stairs

Our stairs

2   Here are two more of our angel collection, one from Paris in 2007 and the other from Munich in 2004.

Paris angel

Paris angel

Munich angel

Munich angel

3   Tonight we have had my favourite meal of the year – Ginger Glazed Ham simmered first in coca cola and then baked, served with creamy mash, homegrown broad beans and broccoli.

Ginger Glazed Ham

Ginger Glazed Ham

I’m going to get busier as the first of our family arrive tomorrow evening, from Barcelona, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all my lovely readers a

and A Peaceful New Year full of beauty.


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Choir-Baby, Decorations and Best Butcher

1   Our own GrandBaby B was one of the choir-babies today which was delightful. She thoroughly enjoyed the singing.

2  We had a good walk around town with her this afternoon in her wonderful three wheel buggy. I found more of the children’s decorations in shop windows. Many of the decorations had the children’s names on. That must be lovely for them and their families to see.

Cameron's decoration

Cameron’s decoration



3   I thought it might be hard to get Halal meat in Cornwall but our own butcher here in Redruth, Morgan’s Meats, can get me what I want which is brilliant We’re sorted now for the visit of our Senegalese daughter-in-law over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Morgan's Meats, Redruth

Morgan’s Meats, Redruth


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Xylophone, Brass Owl and Shop Window

1   This video was sent my way this morning and my daughter now tells me that it is an advert. I hadn’t realised and anyway, it is rather lovely so here is the link to a delightful video of a kind of xylophone in the forest.

2   We love our brass owl trivet, especially when he’s all freshly polished as he is today.

Brass owl trivet

Brass owl trivet

3   The shop windows in our town are full of decorations made by local school children and they are looking very beautiful. This one is by pupils of Redruth School (which was once Tolgus School and where my lovely Dad used to be the Headteacher many years ago!)

Optician's window display for Christmas

Optician’s window display for Christmas


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