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Happiness Calendar and A Good Day Out

The lovely Mr Smith’s birthday is today so his chosen trip was to St Ives and the Tate followed by lunch at his favourite place in Penzance, Mr Billy’s.

Porthminster Beach

Very tame and photogenic Robin on our walk into town

Fenced off sink-hole on Porthminster Beach

Looking over the wall towards St Ives and Harbour Beach, tide coming in

Looking over the wall towards St Ives, tide coming in

On the way through we called in at a new gallery, The Livingstone, and I totally fell for a wonderful pair of earrings. Sadly, they were being sold with a necklace that I didn’t want (and I couldn’t afford the whole set anyway).

About Ken Spooner, the artist

I loved this van  belonging to a decorator, parked near the harbour.

Work going on at the Tate, Porthmeor Beach beyond

Tide in

It has been a very Happy birthday day –  family phone calls, cards and presents and serendipitously bumping into good friends in Tate St Ives!


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Otobong Nkanga

Last Friday we visited Tate St Ives to see two exhibitions, one the Otobong Nkanga “From Where I Stand” and the other, Tate St Ives in Colour, a magical interactive piece to play with by Peter Hudson..

Otobong Nkanga’s beautiful and enormous tapestries focus on the relationships between people and the land through our consumption of the Earth’s natural resources. It is very hard to do justice to this moving and dramatic exhibition. If you are local, please try to get there before January 5th when it closes.


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Kindness, V W Beetle and A Farewell

Yesterday was World Kindness Day. Every day should be kindness day! This is a reminder for each of us to be kind to ourselves as well as to others.

Note to self

We saw this beautiful Beetle in town.

Decorated Beetle

I loved this painting in Tate St Ives when we popped in on Sunday. It is The Fisherman’s Farewell by Christopher Wood and I found it very touching.

The Fisherman’s Farewell



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Falmouth Bay, Painting and Playing Cards

Falmouth Bay was beautiful today, as always – the Agapanthus in full bloom, yachts with their spinnaker sails and happy people on the beach. We went there after a brilliant sing with The Suitcase Singers choir this morning

The family went to St Ives on the train and into Tate St Ives where LiveWire T was inspired by the art trail and the paintings of Patrick Heron.

T’s painting done at the Tate inspired by Patrick Heron

Later on we played Beggar My Neighbour with some brilliant playing cards featuring fourteen inspiring women.

Little Feminist Playing cards by Mudpuppy


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St Ives, Happy Dogs and A Robin

The tide was in when we arrived in St Ives, the sea being whipped into white horses.

St Ives – tide in

I loved the poetry pillars in Tate St Ives.

Poem in The Tate Gallery

We always love watching dogs playing on the beach. These two were racing about and I’m pleased that my photo caught their sandy splashes and their reflection.

Dogs dashing through the waves

By the time we had visited Tate St Ives and were on our way back to the train, the tide was well out.

St Ives – tide out

A very friendly Robin was sheltering from the bitter wind in the shelter on the platform as were many of those waiting for the train.

Robin by my feet in the shelter on the station



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A Day in St Ives, The Tate and A Puppy

Despite the day starting grey, we wanted to take a on the wonderful train ride to St Ives and the sun came out!



Dove Cote, Letterbox and Alfred Wallis

1   I went to Trowan, near St Ives, for a wedding run-through today and saw a delightful dovecote.



2   At Folly Farm, on the way to Trowan, was a charming American-style mail box that made me smile.

Cow mailbox

Cow mailbox

3   We went to Tate St Ives after I had finished my meeting where we saw two Alfred Wallis pieces that I had never seen before. I love his work. Click here if you would like to find out more about this Cornish artist.

Painted box and jar

Painted box and jar


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Work of Art

We visited Tate St Ives today. Here are two photos – the first of Art in Architecture as Porthmeor Beach  is reflected in the curved glass of the award- winning gallery, and second, the same beach  seen directly  as Art in Nature. It is stunning either way on a gloriously sunny day as we caught it between the showers.

Porthmeor Beach in reflection

Porthmeor Beach in reflection


Porthmeor Beach

Porthmeor Beach

For others in this Challenge, click here.


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Painting, Earrings and Soup

I had such a lovely day planned – piano lesson followed by Laughter Yoga and then an evening at Tate St Ives with friends but I have been struck down by some lurgy. Today you have beautiful things I can see from my bed!
1. A painting by Guiliana Lazzerini which I love.

Purple Shadows by Guiliana Lazzerini
2. My cork board of earrings.

Some of my collection of earrings

Some of my collection of earrings

3. For this last one, you have to use your imagination…. Christmas Leftovers Soup from the freezer for lunch, absolutely delicious and recuperative.

I’d like to say I’ve spent the time catching up on all the unread blogs out there but truth be told, I’ve been sleeping most of the day away.


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