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Pendennis Castle, Fritillaria and Street Art

Yesterday we met dear friends for breakfast at the Gylly Cafe and going back to the car, caught this view of the castle through the park.

The gorgeous chequerboard Fritillaria Meleagris are coming into bloom.

Still the news is full of the bravery and resistance of the Ukrainians.


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A Bloom, A Book and Supper

All alone in the narrow wall border, a Fritillary bloom  has appeared, much to our delight.

I’ve just finished reading a remarkable little book, ‘Grief is the Thing with Feathers’ by Max Porter. If any of you, dear Readers, have ever lost someone, this book will touch the raw grief and will hopefully also make you smile. I think it’s brilliant. The Guardian summary is exactly right.

A quick and easy supper was called for tonight, a delicious dish of comfort food – Macaroni Cheese to which I add little cherry tomatoes. It was good.


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Purple, White and Green

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

Scented Narcissi

Fritillaria Meleagris, been in flower for weeks!

A purple, white and green day, keeping in touch with friends on Waterloo Bridge at the Extinction Rebellion protests, getting up-dates and hoping they keep safe. They speak up and sing for us. I wish we could be there too.


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Front Garden, Special Blossoms and A Pan

Our front garden is full of Primroses and some Periwinkles have called in from next door – they look lovely together.

Primroses and Periwinkles

The Fritillaria are beginning to bloom. Here are the first two. The chequered ones are quite remarkable.


I made Leek and Potato Soup today for lunch and was delighted by the rainbow in the pan as I started. I don’t know what has caused our panbow!



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Macro, Mini and A Singer

I love getting really close up photos of flowers and raindrops. The Fritillaria Meleagris flower held the drops beautifully.

Macro water droplets

We went to visit an old friend today who asked us to bring nothing but I picked this mini bouquet of little flowers from our garden and she loved them.  I took them in a little jam jar so that she didn’t need to be bothered finding a vase.

Mini bouquet for Margaret

While Mr S was looking for jeans in a shop in Truro today, I discovered this beautiful old Singer sewing machine on the floor.

Singer sewing machine


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Cut Flowers, Fritillaria and St George

The rain stopped, the sun came out and I went out to rescue Narcissi that had been beaten down by the wind and rain. They have recovered well and smell exquisite.

Garden flowers

I needed some cloches for my vegetable trug so that I can get some salad stuff started so we went off to another Garden Centre this afternoon and found some of the lovely Mr S’s favourite flowers, Fritillaria Meleagris.

Bringing some new flowers home

In the car park, there is a fabulous old tree that has been carved into a sculpture of St George and the Dragon. Just look at that blue sky! We haven’t seen many like that over the winter.

St George and the Dragon


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Today in our Garden

I love the colour in our Spring garden!

Click on any photo for the bigger picture.


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Bunting, Droplets and Oscar Wilde

1   In my favourite shop in Redruth, Cornishbirdinthesticks, I found  some glass bunting which I fell in love with so I didn’t leave it in the shop!

Glass bunting

Glass bunting

2    The rain droplets on the Fritillaria Meleagris are very beautiful.

Droplets on the Fritillaria

Droplets on the Fritillaria

3   I like this advice from Oscar Wilde.

Be yourself

Be yourself



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A Big Thank-you, Fritillaria and Proust

1   My 1000th follower has signed up today! Thank you so much to all of you who follow, like and take the time to comment. I started this blog in 2011 for myself and to honour my beautiful friend of 30 years whom we lost too early to cancer.  I wanted to seize the day, look for the positive in everything in a tangible way and really see the beauty all around me. I have been delighted by the responses from readers all around the world, from 151 countries in fact!   This bouquet of mixed daffodils from our garden is for all of you!

Daffodils from our garden

Daffodils from our garden

2   Our first Snake’s Head fritillary is in flower. What a remarkably lovely thing this is.

Fritillaria Meleagris

Fritillaria Meleagris

3    My friends send me some beautiful words! Yesterday it was the ABC of Happiness and today these wonderful words of Marcel Proust – just perfect for lovers of words and for gardeners – and I am both. Thank you, Sallie.

Marcel Proust's beautiful thoughts

Marcel Proust’s beautiful thoughts

To come back to where I started – thank you to all my lovely followers – you make my soul blossom!


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