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Blooms, Chips and Crazy Daisies

There’s a houseboat on the Penryn River just by the building in which we rehearse and they have a lovely wall of flower pots and colour.

We went out for lunch today and I had chips! There was also a delicious Cajun chicken burger and coleslaw.

Later we bought some new daisies for the garden, white, to add to the moon garden. 


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Tomatoes, Butterfly and Potatoes

We have baby tomatoes in the poly tunnel.

A very beautiful butterfly found on our patch.

Tonight’s chicken was accompanied by newly dug Charlotte potatoes with butter and mint – delicious!


Maya Angelou, Baking and Book Of Days

This photo came my way, taken at Glastonbury over the weekend.

I baked more Pressed Flower Biscuits toad and showed our lovely neighbour the Almanac in which I had found the recipe. She reminded me of the Book of Days from centuries ago that had the same quirky information.

I inherited a Book of Days, in two enormous volumes and dated 1869 and had forgotten how charming it was to dip into. Here is a an extract from June 28th.

I love how every detail of the treatment of the wool and the subsequent fabric are described and how the bet was won – and what a huge sum of money the bet was!



Gold, Salad Leaves and Baby Blanket

The seed heads of the Nelly Moser clematis are like spun gold in the morning sunshine.

I’m loving picking fresh lettuce almost every day, organic and full of goodness. Here it is in the salad spinner.

I’ve almost finished the baby blanket I showed you a few days ago, just lots of ends to be sewn in…….Next one is on the way and all using up what’s already in my stash!



Magpie, Rose and Chart

A young magpie rested on Fledgling’s upturned beak and I just managed to get a photo on a long zoom from the kitchen before it flew off.

This lovely rose is in our garden. I didn’t know what all the colours in Pride flags stood for so was pleased to come across this chart along with  lots of rainbow recipes, all to mark Pride Month..


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Roses, Red Car and An Exhibition

These roses in a neighbour’s garden smell as good as they look.

As we walked down into town, a bride and groom, just married, drove up in a beautiful, bright red car, all  beribboned and ballooned .

There was a delightful exhibition called Treasures of Redruth in the Market Hall today.

Here are some of the lovely treasures.


Bullfinches, Sweet Peas and Golden Glow

Just before I took this photo, there were six bullfinches including two females at the feeders. What lovely colours they are.

Our sweetpeas are fabulous and share their scent all over the house.

There is a beautiful golden glow over the back garden as I write this tonight.

You may remember, Dear Reader, that I wrote about Cornish Hurling at the end of last month. You can see the post by clicking here. My letter was published in The Guardian yesterday!

In The Guardian 23.6.2



Almanac, Biscuits and Planter

We have a delightful little book. Every month has information about the moon and the tides, bird of the month, what to plant and what to harvest , a recipe and a folk song for the month. It is really lovely. I looked ahead to July and found a recipe for Flower Biscuits..

So, I made some! They are  a bit shortbready and have the edible flowers pressed into the biscuit before baking and a lemony glaze when they come out of the oven.

I planted up a tub with purple, white and petunias this afternoon once it was cool enough to work outside.



Knitting, Crochet and Petunias

I heard today that our local hospital is again, after covid, collecting traffic light hats and bonding squares for new-borns so I delivered them to my knitting shop, the collection point.

I was in need of inspiration some weeks ago and read about  crocheting to help victims of domestic abuse. “Can you crochet in June for Refuge? Changing a life starts with one small step. Take up the challenge and raise vital life saving funds for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.” The challenge is to crochet every day in June, sell, raffle or otherwise donate to raise funds so every evening I have been making granny squares. Here are the first set, ready to be joined and have a border added to make a pram blanket. .

Yesterday we bought some petunias for a front door pot to complement our Suffragette garden but it has been much too hot to plant today.


World Humanist Day, Solstice Sunset and A Poem

Longest Day by Kim Ridgeon


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