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Maya Angelou, Baking and Book Of Days

This photo came my way, taken at Glastonbury over the weekend.

I baked more Pressed Flower Biscuits toad and showed our lovely neighbour the Almanac in which I had found the recipe. She reminded me of the Book of Days from centuries ago that had the same quirky information.

I inherited a Book of Days, in two enormous volumes and dated 1869 and had forgotten how charming it was to dip into. Here is a an extract from June 28th.

I love how every detail of the treatment of the wool and the subsequent fabric are described and how the bet was won – and what a huge sum of money the bet was!



Jamestown, Yorktown and The Hound’s Tale 2

Yesterday was a day of history, discovering how the early settlers lived. The ships they made the long and dangerous journey in were so small! 

After the museum we drove the road alongside the James River to Yorktown. 

We met two young skateboarders in Yorktown who just wanted to talk to us to hear our Enflish accents!

  We went back to The Hound’s Tale for our supper as we enjoyed it so much last night. The owner Don, spent some time with us again which was lovely and our food was delicious. I had scallops with cauliflower purée and asparagus while the lovely Mr S had duck with spätzle and a very delicious sauce. We loved the quirky dog ‘portraits’ and the doggy footprints on the pavement outside leading customers in to the bar, modelled on an English pub. 


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Monticello, Virginia and Williamsburg 

We left Shenandoah driving in rain down the Skyline Dive and stopped to visit Monticello, the home of the amazing Thomas Jefferson in lovely sunshine. Our guide was brilliant giving us all sorts of fascinating information and the gardens were charming too. We stopped by the graveyard where he is buried and I was taken by the pair of memorial stones below. 

Virginia is the state for lovers!

Williamsburg in the evening was alive with buskers and blooming with flower beds. We ate in a pub called The Hound’s Tale and met the very friendly owner. 



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Senegal 10th April – Certificate of No Impediment, Goree Island and Senegalese Art and Presents from Pap

Senegal 10th April – Certificate of No Impediment, Goree Island and Senegalese Art and Presents from Pap

1 We all went by taxi into noisy, crowded and hectic Dakar to the British Consulate for Daniel to pick up his ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ so that he and Ami can have their Civil Wedding on Wednesday. It wasn’t ready! Ten minutes later, the Consulate called to say that it now was!!

2 We met Ami’s lovely parents in town for a ferry trip to Ile la Goree, a beautiful place with a shocking and disturbing history, it being a transit point for slaves to Europe in the 1800’s. It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site and a museum of tremendous importance. The baobab trees had lovely art work for sale attached to them.

3. Pap came into supper with his arms full of traditional outfits for us all and asked that we wear them at dinner that night. Pap, so lovely and thoughtful, also bought presents for KJ and M, our other daughters who couldn’t be with us in Senegal.

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