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Narcissi, Mincemeat and Fire

The Narcissi buds opened up overnight. They are gorgeous and there are many more to open yet. I wish you could smell their delicate and inimitable scent.

Thanks, L

I have jarred up all the mincemeat. I’ll make the mince pies in a week or two when it has had time for all the flavours to mingle. I’m hoping there will be enough for next Christmas too.

Storm Arwen brought wild winds, hail and rain here but nothing like the dreadful weather they have had in the North. My heart goes out to those who have had no electricity for four days.  Those with wood burners have described it taking an hour to boil a kettle on the burner. Those without have been/ are extremely cold. We have our fire going tonight for the second time this month.


Happiness, Art and Protest

My choir sang at Krowji Open weekend this afternoon and what a happy bunch of singers we are! It was such a joy to be singing again, with an audience and Christmas carols after missing out last year completely.

In the intervals between singing, we wandered around the exhibitions and I loved the work on this door.

In one of the rooms were these posters of protest which appealed to me too. The artist gave her permission for the ‘Armchair Protest’ to be put on here.I missed her name and hope to find out soon..


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Last Slice, Mincemeat and A Poem

Here is the last slice of the delicious Pecan Pie on a very lovely little plate that has, until now, just been on display on the Welsh dresser. Now we are using both of them.

I’ve made our mincemeat for the mincemeat pies for Christmas. I’ve never made it before but don’t really know why not.

A poem for you today shared by Michael Rosen. It is by Benjamin Zephaniah with whom we once had breakfast in Sheffield. The refugee situation and the way our government treats these desperate people, has me in tears.

By Benjamin Zephaniah

One of my readers, Helen, asked if there were any marks underneath the oriental design plate. Yes, these are they. I don’t know the maker. Perhaps someone can help..



Leaves, Susie Cooper and A Plate

In the front of the cookery book, Giving Thanks, that I used for one of yesterday’s recipes, I found some pressed leaves that I had collected in Massachusetts some years ago and had forgotten all about – a delightful surprise.

Having sent the Welsh dresser to the auction we have some sorting to do and decisions to make about what to keep and what to give away. I love both of these pieces, a Susie Cooper plate and one plate from a dinner service belonging to Mum and Dad. Susie Cooper China was one of the most successful and prolific designers that the UK ceramic industry has ever seen. Her career spanned from 1902 to 1995 and covered some of the most recognisable periods of the Twentieth Century.

Susie Cooper serving dish

No 7507

Mum and Dad sold the rest of this dinner service when somewhat impoverished but for some reason, this one is still with us. Perhaps someone will recognise the maker.


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Reflections, Thanksgiving and Pecan Pie

What a beautiful start to my morning as we sang with this view of the Penryn River.

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA and in solidarity with family and friends in America, we cook up a storm of a Thanksgiving dinner using some family recipes.  We’ve cooked a small turkey crown with and cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, using our beans and recipe from the book “Giving Thanks’ bought in Plimouth some years ago, mashed potatoes, kalettes with shallots and bacon, stuffing  and gravy to be followed by Pecan Tart for pud.

Happy Thanksgiving to family in Atlanta, Hawaii, Seattle and Phoenix and friends in Flagstaff, Vermont and Sacramento. Also to all my blogging friends- Happy Days!

Pecan Pie


Perspective, Happiness and Swimming

This came my way today just after friends had been commiserating with each other that it has been hard not to have seen our Grandchildren for so long. We agreed to focus on the future rather than on what we have all missed over the last two years. Thanks to the original poster.

The angels I made for a friend using her bits of jewellery are in their new home bringing happiness to L and to me.


I love this little film of some local swimmers. I hope you do too. To see it, click on the red link.




Carn Brea, Murmuration and Sunset

The clouds over Carn Brea as we set off to see the murmurations in Marazion suggested that there might be a good sunset. There was!

The starlings put on a reasonable show tonight but seemed rather keen  to settle into the reed beds with fewer patterns than we have sometimes seen. We may have missed some as the sunset was so spectacular that we kept turning round to watch that and then back to the birds.

St Michael’s Mount lit by the setting sun as we arrived

At the start as the sun is still up and lighting up the wind mill

The reed beds where they settle for the night

This post is for my dear friend, Angie, whom I have not seen for too long but who, on her last visit to us, enjoyed the murmurations. This post comes with love for a wonderful and sustaining friendship.



I saw this today and it really appealed to me. 

I hope you have had something to purr about today.


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Glass Work

I’ve spent all day making three glass angels and here they are.


Stickers, Balloon and A Tractor

I passed this car the other day and loved all the stickers. I recognised the Darwin one and love the Terry Pratchett reference but  I had to look up the FSM one and discovered, to my delight, all about the Church of the  Flying Spaghetti Monster. The others I think, speak for themselves. I would love to get to know the driver – I think we would get along.

Shopping in town this morning, we were amused by some teenagers with their balloon, trying to keep it under control. On our way back to the car, we saw it floating above the town……

I had to think twice about posting the following photo it being far too soon to post about Christmas but this did amuse us as we walked into the garden centre this afternoon.


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