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Happiness, Art and Protest

My choir sang at Krowji Open weekend this afternoon and what a happy bunch of singers we are! It was such a joy to be singing again, with an audience and Christmas carols after missing out last year completely.

In the intervals between singing, we wandered around the exhibitions and I loved the work on this door.

In one of the rooms were these posters of protest which appealed to me too. The artist gave her permission for the ‘Armchair Protest’ to be put on here.I missed her name and hope to find out soon..


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International Women’s Day at Krowji

Today saw the opening of The Elizabeth Treffry Reading Room at Krowji Studios, Redruth’s creative hub. All the 3000 books and artefacts in there are by or about women in Cornwall. One of the speakers quoted Germaine Greer as a woman who had influenced him, here speaking about libraries.  Perfect, isn’t it?  This place is going to be such a fabulous resource for research.

“Libraries are reservoirs of strength, grace and wit, reminders of order, calm and continuity, lakes of mental energy, neither warm nor cold, light nor dark … In any library in the world, I am at home, unselfconscious, still and absorbed.”

The K J section in the reading room

The J K section in the reading room

There were refreshments!

Tiny scones

Tiny scones

Beautiful flowers from Texas for Millie whose collection this is

Beautiful flowers, a present from Texas for Millie

The Hypatia Trust

The Hypatia Trust



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