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Drums and Treen

Now that the dresser has gone, we are discovering treasures not seen for some time or hidden in the clutter. These beautiful African drums belong to our son and are ‘being looked after.’

We love the magic of this little wooden item, candlesticks in their own container.  Treen is a generic name for small handmade functional household objects made of wood. 

My Mum loved auctions and bought these candlesticks at one. I think she would be happy that the dresser we have all loved for 60 years is now in the auction house in Truro which she used to visit week after week, finding treasures and ‘yards of books’ amongst which there were sometimes treasures too.  Another family will love the dresser in due course. What history there is in that piece, giving pleasure to people for 400 years!  Time to move on.


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