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Blues, Stormy Skies, Madness and Hallowe’en

Our walk this afternoon was along the cliffs at St Agnes but the winds were so strong, I was almost blown over twice so we were only out of the car for about 15 minutes!   We missed the rain but could see the storm clouds over St Ives. We were greatly amused to see two blokes with their model ‘plane trying to get it back to ground!

Hearing this afternoon that we are about to go into lockdown again, it was important for us to get out to see the sea this afternoon, whatever the wildness of our weather.

The family have sent us Hallowe’en photos to delight in.  Happy scary night to you all, dear Readers.


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Robin, Lunch and Boxes

Watching the birds has been a joy over the last few months and now that it’s getting colder, the feeders are getting busier. This little robin is at the top of Mum’s old pan stand which I use for flowers in the summer.

I love making a Frittata using leftovers! In this one were some potatoes, Calabrese, pesto pasta, half a yellow pepper, some spinach, the last shallot and some  cheese. It was very tasty.

We have delivered our Christmas dinners in a box.. This is a scheme where a whole Christmas dinner plus treats are packed up in a decorated box and distributed, via the council, The boxes are given out by Cornwall Council’s teams working with vulnerable and impoverished families, the poorest in Cornwall, to give them something for Christmas. Nearly 1000 were donated last year.  If you are local and would like to contribute, here is the link.  
Sadly, even before Covid, 1/3 of the children living in Cornwall were living in poverty. I hope there are even more boxes donated this year by those who can.



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Making, Baking and More Fungi

I am loving getting back to my stained glass work. Today I have been working on a very special present for one of our LiveWires. I can’t show you until after Christmas! I have also cut out some angels today and have been choosing the beads to enhance them. A lovely shop owner of Artyzan in town, has said she would like to try a few for me!

I’ve made more of the Mini Pork Pies today as they make such a tasty and easy dinner, ten now in the freezer, two eaten for dinner tonight.

Mini Pork and Bacon Pies

Another pair of Fungi caught our eyes on our walk today, gorgeous rich toffee colour.


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Welly Dogs, Leaves and Geranium

Our Welly Dogs have been given poppies for Remembrance Day.  Redruth is very proud of its Tinners’ Hounds made by David Kemp. Follow this link to find out more about the sculptor and his intriguing work.

On the lane home, the trees are changing colours.

We are delighted with our new Geranium, planted only a couple of months ago. It hasn’t stopped flowering since we put it in the front garden.

Geranium Rozanne


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Cactus, Octopus and A Poem

Our Christmas cactus is already in flower.

This beautiful creature was photographed in Falmouth Bay by a scuba diver. This report was in Cornwall Live:  “A Cornish scuba diver has spoken of his delight after capturing a remarkable image shot under water in Falmouth Bay. John Blackwell, who is 72 today (October 24), from Illogan, was diving south west of Pendennis Point with Atlantic SCUBA when he captured the staggering image of a curled octopus.”

Thanks to John Blackwell

Another poem for you from Mary Oliver, one which touched me deeply.  I might write my own version, a pastiche, with  different  items but the same philosophy and feeling.


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Naked Ladies, Stones and Glass

On our walk there is an amazing border of Naked Ladies, otherwise known as Nerine Bowdenii, really striking.

Nerine Bowdenii

On someone’s doorstep were these delightful painted stones.

I’ve made a start on a glass piece – these are two of the small sheets that I’m working with. If I’m successful, I’ll show you the finished item!


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Walk, Fungi and Allotment

We managed to find an hour without rain this morning and went for a hasty walk, arriving home just as the heavens opened again.

We love this Oak tree and this lane

Blue skies

Towards the end of the walk were some very pretty fungi (Sorry, Commonprose, I know fungi are not your favourites)


We grabbed another gap in the stair-rod showers to get on with the weeding on our plot. We found shelter for the first downpour but the second one drenched us on our five minute walk home.

Other plots seen from our shelter from the storm



United Nations, Autumn and Fungi

The U.N. is 75 years old today and to celebrate asked people all over the world to share photos of #TheWorldWeWant. Here is a link to see the amazingly beautiful photos submitted. Do click on, they are truly heartwarming. .

I love Autumn, the colours of leaves, the abundance of fungi, the damp earthy smells, the early evenings and the late dawns. 


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Visiting, Colour and Free Food

I had a delightful visit with a lovely choir friend this morning, treated to Lemon Drizzle Cake and coffee and special cookies to bring home. Suddenly J said, “There’s a heron in the garden!” and there it was, just 6′ away at first. He was eyeing up the fish in the pond but took to flight when I stepped out to get more pictures.  Here are the photos I managed to get of this elegant creature. Apparently the Heron signifies patience, just waiting and going with the flow – seems about right for these strange times.

Walking home I passed a lovely  tree, covered in gloriously glowing Autumnal colours.

A bit further on, along the lane, were some delicious Blackberries and I remembered to take the photo this time before I ate them all!


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Clematis times Three

It’s past mid October and we have Clematis in flower, most surprisingly a Nelly Moser looking wonderful.

Nelly Moser

Clematis Huldine should be in flower now and is quite prolific!

The third one is just beginning to flower and is in the new wall border. It’s Clematis Florida Sieboldii.


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