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Lace Collars, Cup-Cakes and Another Drive-in

I couldn’t resist these little cup-cake collars when I saw them in the kitchen department of the Garden centre. I’d never heard of such a thing but bought them because they reminded me of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

This afternoon I have baked chocolate cup cakes that I am calling RBG Cupcakes in honour of that remarkable woman. I hope she would be amused.

Tonight we are going to another drive in. The rain has stopped, the wind has dropped and there will be an almost full moon if the skies are clear – should be fun!


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Sunset, Clouds and Moon

We did one of our favourite walks this evening, along the cliff path near St Agnes Beacon.The sun went down and the moon, almost full, came up.


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Red Berries, Blackberries and Plum Cake

The red berries along our walk this morning were startlingly bright.

There are still lots of Blackberries and they are  very sweet and delicious.

We decided we need some cake!  The Plum, Almond and Chocolate Cake that I made once before in plum season was the one we decided on.  In 2012 when I first made this one, I called it Happy Cake as it contains lots of tryptophan!  You can find the recipe by clicking on the red link.



Sunny Afternoon in September

We’ve spent the sunny afternoon in the arbour reading! Can’t remember doing so little for so long. I’m reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant and loving it.    Just two photos for you today, Hesperantha Pink Princess (though it’s white!) and a cobweb on the box hedge, catching the sunshine.


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Heritage Tomatoes, New Recipe and Garden Bouquet

We are loving our Redruth greengrocer, Grow Box, saved from closure by local traders. Today, among other things, we bought some beautiful, locally grown Heritage Tomatoes.

I needed them in particular for a recipe I had just read in today’s Feast that comes on Saturdays with our Guardian newspaper. Here is the Tomato and Courgette Loaf with Tomato Chutney. This afternoon I met with our lovely neighbour for  a cup of tea in the garden and we each had a piece of the loaf and both declared it to be delicious.

It’s so lovely that we can still find beautiful flowers to bring indoors. Here we have some Jasmine that we pruned yesterday, some Fuchsia that we have pruned today and a Calla Lily that has been broken by the wind.

If you read yesterday’s post and wondered what the creature was, I have added a P.S. to the post with the id that came today from the Royal Entomological Society!


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Cones, Bush Cricket and Another Creature

We find lovely things in the strangest places. We were at the dump taking more prunings, this time from the overgrown Jasmine, when I spotted pine cones at the top of the tree against a beautiful blue sky.

I think what we found on the Jasmine was a Speckled Bush Cricket but it might be a Short Winged Cone Head!

The next creature, looking like a twig or a bit of Autumn leaf on our newly painted trellis, I can’t identify. It didn’t move while we were watching.  It’s about 1″ tip to tip. Can any UK readers help?

PS 26th September 2020
I sent a photo to the Royal Entomological Society yesterday and this is my reply today. Thank you Professor Hardie!


It’s a plume moth, family Pterophoridae, and we have some 45 species in UK.  This one looks like a common or brown plume moth, Emmelina monodactyla.

Best wishes and take care

Jim Hardie


Professor Jim Hardie,

Director of Science, Royal Entomological Society,


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Town Twinning, Breakfast and A Poem

YesterdayI learned  from a friend that our town, Redruth, is twinned with Mineral Point in Wisconsin, USA! We knew that many Cornish hard rock miners emigrated to the states to take their much needed skills and I did a lot of research into that when I was part of the Perthi Kov team putting together our stories from St Euny graveyard for Until the Day Break. I think Wisconsin will have to be on our next US trip, whenever that can be. I wonder if any of my dear Readers are in Wisconsin. That would be really cool!

Our supermarket delivery came tonight. We have croissants for tomorrow’s breakfast!

I am not alone among my friends in having the odd wobble emotionally during this strange period in all our lives and I send my love out there to any of my readers also feeling the strangeness.  The following poem of Mary Oliver’s captures the essence of what we all need to do. Go out and sing!

I Worried by Mary Oliver


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Thali, Fire and A Rainbow

It’s been a busy day – friends for coffee in the front garden (very cold)  this morning, friends for tea and cake in the back garden (cold and wet!) in the afternoon and another meal out this evening! We all decided that we need to invest in some thermal and waterproof clothing so that we can continue to meet in our gardens over the winter. The vegan Thali at the Wilder Allotment Kitchen at the Mount Pleasant Eco Park was scrumptious and the music from the six gathered musicians a delight. A storm was coming as we left and a chunk of rainbow lit the darkening sky.


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New Border, Village Clock and A Treat

The wall garden is nearly planted – Conifers, Clematis, heathers and 100+ bulbs hiding under the  soil!  Just the Winter Flowering Pansies to add for winter colour.

So much stuff to take to the dump! I took this photo on our way back through the village of St Day.

We decided to treat ourselves after working so hard for the last few days so I booked us a table at The Penventon Hotel, just a ten minute walk away.  What a delightful evening we had with extra treats of dessert!


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International Peace Day

Usually I would be part of a choir singing as one of many in Truro to mark International Peace Day. Today the peace is to be in my heart and in my wishes for everyone to find peace in these strange and difficult times.  Love to all my Dear Readers.

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