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Bunting, Interloper and Tunnel of Trees

In Truro today the bunting in Victoria Square was bright against the beautiful blue sky.

A pink Geranium has come through the white Hebe and is looking lovely.

I love the tunnels of trees all over our lanes at the moment and these always make me smile as they are so square, made so by the double decker buses that pass through.


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Painting, Dustbin and Another Cornish Lane

Open Studios is on all over Cornwall this week and we made our second visit this afternoon. We both fell in love with a beautiful painting where the colours of the sea have been captured so well in “A Hot Afternoon.” There is one more day to see Pauline Passmore’s lovely work.

By Pauline Passmore

Leaving we were met by this dustbin which made us both smile.

We drove down some beautiful Cornish lanes to get back home.



First House, Pill Creek and An Oak Tree

The first house we lived in when we moved to Cornwall from Birmingham when I was six years old was this amazing place on the side of the creek. We could walk down the path on the terraced garden to the little shingle beach.

The view down Pill Creek was much like this one , taken from the other side of the creek this afternoon when I visited a very old friend and her daughter (whom I used to babysit for 50 years ago!) who are staying in a holiday let.  We had a fabulous catching-up afternoon.

Pill Creek

Driving home along Pill Lane, I had to pull over to take this photo of a beautiful gnarled old Oak tree.


Colours, Acer and Broad Beans

Leaving Penryn this afternoon, I noticed this play boat and life buoy in a garden.

Our Acer, given to us by our kids for our Ruby Wedding twelve years ago, is in very lovely leaf now.

The Broad Beans are in flower and are looking very healthy. I love Broad Beans.


Nasturtium, Shells and Pansy

The monkey planter’s summer planting is Nasturtiums and Lobelia, a colour combination that I love. The first Nasturtium has come into flower.

Our wind chimes, two strings of shells,  have been tinkling beautifully in the breeze today as I was working in the garden.

I love the shapes in Pansy flowers.


Leaves, Kit and New Glass Piece

Leaves from our edible garden were on our lunch plates today.

We were next door for supper this evening when one of the children announced, “There’s a baby rabbit in the sitting room!”  It was rescued and taken out to the back field and five minutes later the same announcement was made. Another smaller one had joined us!  It, too, is now back in the field.

I can show you my latest glass piece now as this evening it was collectedly by those for whom it was made. Their favourite colours are pink and purple and they just celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary (pearl) so……..



Six on Saturday – The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Oh, we do need rain!  Things are growing well and all the grey water we have is keeping them going.

1.  The edible garden is doing well. We have eaten leaves this week and I have used Viola flowers to decorate cakes.

2.  The blue and white border is filling out and giving us colour.

3.  Our baby apple tree has some curly leaves and we aren’t sure what is attacking them. We’ve taken off the crinkly leaves and are hoping it doesn’t spread. Any ideas/ advice happily received.  We  know  we  have  to  remove  the baby  apples  as  soon  as  it  is  planted. We  are  waiting  for  some  work  to  be  done  in  that  area.

4.  Lilies We don’t know if the furry stuff is part of the flowers or is something else bad……..

5.  Dendrites  I love it when we do the Spring wash of the stone slabs and the beautiful dendrites show themselves again.

6.  Parachutes – The lovely Mr S and I do not agree about the beauty of a dandelion clock!

Join the Six on Saturday gang! Check out the Propagator’s blog and read the comments too. Bloggers from all over the world contribute.


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