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Sowing Seeds, Baking and Sea Glass

We’ve been busy in the garden today, planting small plants and sowing seeds.

Nasturtium seeds

I baked some Fruity Flapjacks for the lovely Mr S and Daughter No 1 who will be working on the boat for the next few days and will need lots of refuelling.

Fruity Flapjack

Regular readers will know that I like to incorporate sea glass into my glass pieces (Thank you, Judith!) I came across this poem which amused me – a lovely way to age.

On a fitting room door on Sanibel Island #SeaGlass




English Bluebells, Apple Blossom and A Cat

Another trip to a favourite Nursery this afternoon and we found some good looking Broad Bean plants and a white Foxglove.

English Bluebells in the hedge

Fruit orchard

The Kehelland Cat, lovely markings



Croquettes, Mint and New Glass

Last night’s supper was Butternut Squash and Spinach Croquettes and they were delicious. I’d seen them to buy in the supermarket and thought they couldn’t be too hard to make and they weren’t!  I’ll put the recipe soon.

Home made Croquettes

New Jersey potatoes for supper tonight so I picked some of the newly growing mint and the smell and taste were just perfect.

Mint leaves

I am delighted with my latest glass piece – a rainbow with sun and rain!

Newest piece


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Six on Saturday – Hannah and the Tulips

Storm Hannah came in overnight and though I first though the tulips had survived, they were a little the worse for wear so we decided to cut our losses and cut them for indoors. Thanks to the suggestion from Nancy of Spirit Lights The Way

1.  Tulips Click on any photo for detail.

2.  The Edible Garden

In fact, we have lots of edible bits in our garden including the veggie boxes and the herbs but this trough has herbs and edible flowers as well as salads right by the kitchen door. I have planted up all the little plug plants that we bought at a local nursery.  The tiles at the back are Victorian from a fireplace in the house I lived in when I was five years old. Mum collected them when the fire place was changed and I love them. They show various land based tasks like seed sowing and scything.

Beautiful rows

3. Clematis

We have three spots in the garden with Clematis Montana Elizabeth . This one is growing up an old tree stump near the back shed and the scent is gorgeous. We can smell it from the arbour which is just across the way.

Montana Elizabeth up the shed

4. Twin Tulips

Most of our Tulips are over but this pair recently turned up in the tubs that held the purple and white ones. It’s an oddity.

Twin Tulips

5.  The Geum  in the curved wall is bringing wonderful pops of colour where all the Spring bulbs are now finished.

Geum – Flames of Passion

6.   A treat

We treated ourselves to two fabulous plants the other day, two Scilla that are already quite startling in their beauty. I love the colour. They are in a bed where Agapanthus will appear later in the season.

Scilla – Caribbean Jewels

Pop over to The Propagator for others in the SoS challenge. They are from all over the world with fascinating insights into other gardens.




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Breakfast, Lunch and Storm Hannah

I made Stuffed Pancakes for supper last night and had two spare pancakes. This morning, I filled them with fruit and creme fraiche and reheated them in maple syrup! They were scrumptious.

Breakfast pancakes

At about midday, we became aware of the sheep and their lambs in a headlong rush up the field. By the time I had my camera ready, they had slowed down near the farmer who had just arrived with some fodder.

Just arrived with a treat

Storm Hannah has arrived. We think this might be the end of our beautiful Tulips. Winds of up to 70mph are expected!

Heavy rain  battering and  wind blowing the tulips



Rainbow, Evening Glow and White Bluebells

The early morning sun activated the solar powered rainbow maker and threw rainbows onto the stone floor in our kitchen.

Rainbows in the kitchen

The evening sun lit up the Choisya Ternata so that it glowed.

Choisya Ternata

We have lots of Bluebells in the garden and we love them. These white ones have just turned up and we love them too.

White bells



Droplets, Narcissi and A Skull

The raindrops on the leaves of the Lambs Ears, Stachys Byzantina, stayed most of the morning long after the rain had stopped.

Stachys Byzantina

Three tiny Narcissi have appeared in a pot which had Muscari in. I had forgotten I had planted them.

Unnamed Narcissi

The lovely Mr S found a beautifully delicate bird’s skull in the garden this afternoon. It is about 4cms long

I wonder which bird this was



New Leaves, A Visitor and Back Field Residents

Our Silver Birch has been quite slow about bursting into leaf and we were getting a little concerned so were very happy to see the first leaves at the weekend.

Silver birch

A very delicate spider appeared on the purple sage.

Spider on the Sage

The lambs in the back field are growing very quickly.

Sheep in the back field



Supper, Tulip and A Car

The sun was so warm last evening that we took our supper outside, the first time this year.

Supper and a glass of wine in the garden

Our tulips are enjoying the sunshine as much as we are.

Tulip open in the sun

I loved this car that we saw in the Garden Centre car park today.

I love this one


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Pudding, Planting and Poo

Yesterday I heard  a recipe described on Radio 4 and decided it would make a treat for while Daughter No 3 was with us. It was designed to make use of left-over Easter eggs, something that never happened in our house! However, I did have some white chocolate in and some cream along with some frozen cherries and raspberries. So here it is – and very scrumptious it was too.

Frozen fruit with a warm white chocolate ganache

I have planted the Sweet Peas today in a pot with lovely curvy canes tied up into a tepee shape.

Sweet peas planted up

The Sweet Pea tepee is to the left at the top of the steps

We  have a Hedgehog or maybe two!

Hedgehog poo!


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