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Six on Saturday – The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful

Oh, we do need rain!  Things are growing well and all the grey water we have is keeping them going.

1.  The edible garden is doing well. We have eaten leaves this week and I have used Viola flowers to decorate cakes.

2.  The blue and white border is filling out and giving us colour.

3.  Our baby apple tree has some curly leaves and we aren’t sure what is attacking them. We’ve taken off the crinkly leaves and are hoping it doesn’t spread. Any ideas/ advice happily received.  We  know  we  have  to  remove  the baby  apples  as  soon  as  it  is  planted. We  are  waiting  for  some  work  to  be  done  in  that  area.

4.  Lilies We don’t know if the furry stuff is part of the flowers or is something else bad……..

5.  Dendrites  I love it when we do the Spring wash of the stone slabs and the beautiful dendrites show themselves again.

6.  Parachutes – The lovely Mr S and I do not agree about the beauty of a dandelion clock!

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Ringlets, Raindrops and Borage Flower

Grand-baby B, promoted to Little Livewire, was hard to catch being still enough for me to take this photo of her ringlet.

A ringlet on Little Livewire

A ringlet on Little Livewire

2     Heavy rain most of the day today but that lets me take some of my favourite photos – raindrops.

Raindrops on Nasturtium leaves - in the edible garden

Raindrops on Nasturtium leaves – in the edible garden

3   The blue of the Borage flower is just lovely.

Borage flower in the edible garden

Borage flower in the edible garden



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Look To This Day, Flag and Salad

This poem is for a good friend, Marilyn, whom I have met through blogging.  I found this poem and read it every day for the years one of our baby twins was having heart operations, at 13 days, at 18 months and at 2 and a half. You’ll be glad to know he is in his 30s and thriving. It gave me comfort then and has given me comfort since. I suppose it is part of the philosophy behind my blog – find the beauty in every single day.   For Marilyn and Bobby, with love and hope.

Look to this day
for it is life
the very life of life.
In its brief course lie all
the realities and truths of existence
the joy of growth
the splendor of action
the glory of power.

For yesterday is but a memory
And tomorrow is only a vision.
But today well lived
makes every yesterday a memory of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day.

– ancient Sanskrit poem –

2     The wind has dropped, the rain has stopped and Summer came in! So – I have put up my Festival flag.

Festival flag

Festival flag

3     Our salad tonight was our first from our Edible garden and was delicious.

Tonight's salad

Tonight’s salad



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