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Molehills, First Cornish Daffodils and Grand-Baby T Talking

1   This morning at choir a friend told us about the moles in their garden, such beautiful little creatures, velvety smooth with little pink noses. When I asked if they didn’t do damage in the garden, G said that, no, they work together. The moles make the mole hills and he collects the wonderful finely worked soil that results and puts it in the polytunnel. Now that’s what I call working with Nature – just beautiful!

I don’t have a photo of a mole so will just share this lovely one of our choir leader, Claire and one of our delightful Choir-babies, T.

T, one of our Choir-babies, enjoying the session. We are all enjoying watching him grow up.

2   The lovely Mr S bought me my first Cornish daffodils of the season. We have some in bud in the garden but they aren’t quite ready yet.

First Cornish daffodils of the season

3    I had a lovely conversation with KJ tonight who tells me that suddenly Grand-baby T’s talking is taking off and she is repeating everything said to her and beginning to make jokes with words. I just love the magic of a child learning to talk!


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Beautiful People in India and Nepal (More holiday photos)

The people we met in India and Nepal were all so friendly and many asked if they could take our photos and were happy for me to reciprocate.


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