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Beautiful Treasures to Save if the House is About to Explode!

A bit different today! Two nights ago when we had the gas leak but hadn’t called the emergency number yet (Don’t ask me why!) I didn’t sleep but lay awake worrying and making lists in my head.

The first list was What Will I Save If I Have Only A Few Minutes Before The Place Goes Up and the second, less interesting, What Do I Need If We Are Evacuated While Things Get Sorted. I was thinking, as I lay there, of all the people in Cuba, in New York, in Jamaica, in Palestine, in Goma, everywhere where Sandy or some other destructive force, natural or man-made, has been and thinking that they have  faced or are still facing all this for real.

As I lay in bed and ‘walked’ myself around our house, I began to realize that there were only a very few things that I would truly want to save, that were totally irreplaceable.

My first list:

  • Mr S. We met about 46 years ago and have been together ever since.
  • Photographs – and that means grabbing two small suitcases where all the early photos of our growing-up family are kept and the computer where all the digital photos are stored – memories of family, those still with us and those who have gone and friends, those still with us and those who have gone.
  • The Family Bible where so much family history is stored ( have a look here if you missed that post)
  • My locket, which has been passed through generations and worn by the Bride in so many family weddings.   (Have a look here for that post)
  • Two small pieces of clothing –     the beautiful christening dress that my Granny was christened in, then my Mum, then me and my little sister… (That post is yet to come)         and the little sweatshirt from the Killingbeck Cardio Thoracic Unit in Leeds that reminds us how lucky we are to have our son, D.

and that really is all. I found that to be such a liberating realisation. The stuff that surrounds us really doesn’t matter. There are pieces of furniture that are family heirlooms, there are pieces of art that I love, there are all my music things, there are many, many books but ………

I wonder what your few treasures might be if those were really all you could save?

D’s sweatshirt

Family christening dress


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