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Sunrise, Garden Birds and Flowers

1   Sunrise from our own windows can be as beautiful as those we’ve seen while in India and Nepal.

Sunrise over the back

2   It is always a joy to watch the birds in our garden. This morning we have seen the blue-tits  a pair of great tits, a male blackcap but not his mate, some hedge sparrows, goldfinches, blackbirds and a stunning pair of magpies and all in just a few minutes.  They are enjoying the berries of the Berberis and the seeds on the fennel as well as the fat-balls and various seeds that we put out for them.

3   It’s very pleasing to find so much still in flower in November too – a couple of Dahlias, Chocolate Cosmos (which has been in flower for months) Fuchsia and Viburnum, Kashmir Lilies as well as Heliotrope and Verbena.


Kashmir Lily



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