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Christmas Tree Hat, Lecture Lunch, and All Dressed Up

1   I finished, I think, the Christmas Tree hat for Grand-baby T. What do you think? Does it need more decoration, some sequins perhaps, some other coloured stitched baubles? Please advise!

Christmas Tree hat for T

2  I went with my good friend M to a lecture lunch at Trelissick today. The lunch was delicious, the lecture about Cornish customs at Christmas fascinating, and spending time with my friend just lovely.

3   Tonight I was all dressed up (best American long dress in green and black and my gold Doc Martens, the ones that gave rise to my nickname by the pupils at school of Goldenboots) and ready to go and it all went pear-shaped. The lovely Mr Smith stepped in and suggested we go out for a meal instead to take my mind off things so we did. We’ve just returned, all dressed up, and, as it turned out, we did have somewhere to go!


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