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Lovers’ Lane, Evening Sky and Green (Weekly photo challenge) and a P.S.

1   Just down the road from us is a path we can take to town, called Lovers’ Lane. That name pleases me.

Lovers’ Lane

2 A beautiful sky tonight.

Evening sky

3   There are so many beautiful shades of green and so many beautiful names for those colours – jade, turquoise, chartreuse, emerald, aquamarine, beryl, pea, olive, malachite, moss, and lime….

P.S. I don’t comment on news, politics or religion in this blog (and those who know me know that in real life I do that all the time!) but tonight I just want to say how my heart goes out to all those Egyptian families who have lost a child or maybe more than one in that terrible coach/train accident. I don’t have many readers of my blog in Egypt but I want to send love from one parent to another, to send love and strength for coping with this, to just tell you how my heart aches for you all.


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