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Bird Bonanza, Green Gym and Reflections (Special Photo Challenge Inspiration)

1  In a lull between storms we went for a walk from Helston to Loe Bar through fields, woodland, swampy mangroves, alongside the biggest freshwater lake in Cornwall and along the cliffs above Loe Bar – a brilliant walk for photographs!

Having our picnic before we set off we saw so many beautiful little birds – Goldfinches  Long tail tits, Blue-tits, Coal tits, a Wren and a couple of Goldcrests and some Pied Wagtails, more than we’ve seen in our garden for a long time. On the walk we saw cormorants and ducks of all kinds and a couple of hawks.



2   All along the way I was amused to discover ‘The Green Gym’ for those for whom the walk was not exercise enough!

The Green Gym 1

The Green Gym with Loe Pool in the background

3   The reflections in the pool and in the puddles were beautiful. I took a self portrait of me doing what I love , taking photographs of beautiful things in the great outdoors!

Self-portrait in a puddle

Swampy reflections

Trees reflected in a puddle

Autumn reflections in Loe Pool

and two photographs of the sea….

Crashing waves

Patterns in the sand left by the retreating wave


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