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Singing, Flowers and Skyping to Barcelona

1   I can’t tell you how much I love singing! At Suitcases this morning we sang through our gig list for the event on Sunday when all three of Claire’s choirs, about a hundred of us,  will sing together in the amphitheatre at Carn Marth.

Kurt Vonnegut – Sing in the shower!

2    Before the rain started this afternoon, I managed to get this beautiful picture of a Daisy against the Crocosmia.

Daisy with Crocosmia

3    Daniel and Ami Skyped together from Barcelona! For those of you who haven’t followed their story, Daniel, our son,  and Ami were married in Senegal in April, see  Daniel and Ami’s Wedding and they are only now, more than four months later, able to live together as it has taken this long time to get Ami’s Visa.

It was so beautiful to see them together, smiling so much, laughing and delighting in the fact that they had just gone supermarket shopping together for a meal together in their own place!  The very word ‘together’ is beautiful!


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