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Neil Armstrong, Cornwall’s Living Churchyards and Confit Duck

1.    The first man to step upon the moon, Neil Armstrong, has died and his family have asked that, to remember him, we look at the moon, smile and give a wink. What a beautiful way to remember a man who was clearly a gentle and generous individual.   That request to wink had us remembering how both our Dads used to wink, in reassurance, in a moment of conspiracy, to say hello, to remind us how we were loved.

2   Mylor Marina, boatyard and Churchyard were our choice for today – the boats for Mr S, the water for us both and the Churchyard for me. What a lovely way to spend our special day, our Sapphire  Wedding Anniversary!

Us, 45 years ago


Lych gate to Mylor Church

Read this remarkable gravestone carefully

Tombstone for a sailor

Masts in the distance

Cornwall’s Living Curchyards

Celtic Cross with a pile of wood behind which has the label ‘Wood pile for wild creatures to hide in’

Loved this building in the marina and the reflection

Bookswap in The Castaways where we had lunch

We shared this enormous helping!

3   Home to cook our Anniversary dinner together – French Confit Duck with beans, broad and French, from the garden and some baby new potatoes with a red wine sauce followed by Ginger Fairing Lime Cups (I was inspired by that ice-cream I had the other day!)

Ginger Fairing Lime Cup


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