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Unfounded Fears, Sounds of the Sea and A Smiling Lion

1   Mr S wants to learn to sail – in fact he would love to have his own boat!  I love water! I love living near water. We live near the sea but being on or in the sea – not one of my beautiful things!  I determined to learn to swim before I was forty and I did. Now I have to learn to sail before I am seventy!!  To that aim we went to a local lake today to find out about sailing lessons. I would so love it if sailing could become one of my beautiful things!  I’ll let you know!

Lessons on Stithians Lake

2    One of the things I love about water is the sound, be it crashing, thundering waves or soft swishes of little ripples on a shingle shore; be it a river rushing through a weir or murmuring  quietly through the reeds; even the sound of all the rain we’ve had this summer, especially rain pounding on a corrugated tin roof or on the top of the tent. And after the rain, I love the petrichor, not a sound but the loveliest of smells!

3  Near the lake we saw a lion, golden and gorgeous with the most self-satisfied smile on its face.

Smiling Lion


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