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Sorting, Satisfaction and Granny’s Green Glass

1   Inspired by Veronica, I sorted all my knitting needles in Granny’s knitting needle keeper but, after after about 80 years of use, it is coming to the end of its useful life.

Granny’s knitting needle holder with her and my needles

2   Again, inspired by Veronica’s lovely blog, I decided to make a new needle holder and spent a very happy afternoon printing off photos of things I have knitted, sticking them to a crisps tube and now have the satisfaction of this beautiful new container.

New knitting needle keeper view1

New knitting needle keeper view2

New knitting needle keeper view 3

3   My maternal Granny collected green glass as well as knitting needles! One of our dahlias has been blown over by the wind so I popped it into this beautiful piece of glass.



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