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Lichens, Rocks and Waves

1   There were lichens galore on our walk around Botallack Mine and the cliff tops today. They are so varied and so beautiful.

Feathery lichen

Mixed lichen

Glorious lichen

2   Tin and copper have been mined here for hundreds of years The historian John Norden wrote of the fact that the hamlet of ‘Botallock‘ was ‘a little hamlet on the coaste of Irishe sea most visited with tinners, where they lodge and feede, being nere theyre mynes’ in 1590 and there is evidence all around of rocks and minerals, layers of red, green, black, brown. I found this beautiful shiny purple bit in a wall. Does anyone know what it is?

Purple mineral in the rock

Botallack Crowns

Beautiful rock

Red rock

3   The only humans around, we sat high up on the cliffs and watched and listened to the waves, the sea birds, and a kestrel hunting.

Waves crashing onto the rocks below

Perched atop the cliffs

Blowing in the wind

A Ginger Fairing ice-cream finished off the beautiful day rather well!

Ginger Fairing ice-cream

This last is just for a laugh and was found in a treasure of a shop in St Just. We followed this very good advice!


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