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Butterfly Proboscis, Translucent Nasturtium with Bee and Dancing Caterpillars

1   A friend sent me this beautiful picture today.Isn’t it just remarkable? Thank you, John.

Butterfly Proboscis…Tip of a Butterfly Tongue (720X) by Stephen S. Nagy, M.D.

2   The bees were very busy round the nasturtiums today. It was their sound that drew me over to them.

The sun shines through the nasturtium and through the bee’s wings

3   On one of the leaves of the nasturtiums, I found these little caterpillars and they were dancing! If you look carefully, you can see that some of them have their heads up – you can just see the shadow underneath. They did that for a second or so, rested a moment and were off again in almost synchronised movement. It was delightful to watch but very hard to capture on film.

Caterpillars dancing!

I’ve just looked up ‘dancing caterpillars’ and apparently they do it to put off predators. I must have looked very threatening but it was Mr S they needed to look out for!


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