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Feather, Aquilega and Three Choc Chip with Raisins Cookies

1    Quite often we find a feather that has landed in the gravel of the front garden. They always make me smile. How do they land like that?

Feather in the gravel

2   It’ll be September tomorrow and the Aquilegas are just beginning to open. This one is new to us and is absolutely gorgeous – just look at these markings!

Beautiful markings on this Aquilega

3   I’ve spent a very happy hour baking this afternoon. I’ve had this recipe for Choc Chip Cookies for about thirty years having found it in a Choc Chip packet while in America on holiday. (After having four children in four years, ( No 3 turning out to be twins) my parents thought we needed a holiday and sent us to stay with my sister and family in New York followed by a week with my brother in Atlanta, Georgia! What a present!) I’ve adapted the recipe over the years and have put it on my Recipe pages (Top right) should you wish to try them. They are wickedly delicious, both crunchy and chewy!

Cooked cookies beside one of our special sporty 50p pieces to mark 2012 Olympics – to show how big these cookies are!

For you, Choc Chip!


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