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Curiosity, A Stream and A Peacock

1   Curiosity landed on Mars! Isn’t that just a lovely thing to hear? I love that name!

2   I parked near a stream this morning when I went to meet my Baby Naming family. It was so lovely. The sound of the water was beautiful, the reeds lovely and the whole experience very peaceful and I loved it. I just wish I could give you the sound as well as a photo.

The stream in St Erth

3   Driving home from a fabulous choir session tonight (where my part was changed to my initial consternation but in fact it is a beautiful part that suits my voice even better! Thank you Claire and I’m sorry I was grumpy!) I came across this peacock in a garden!  I stopped to take a picture but was somewhat hurried so unfortunately it’s a bit blurred but how often does that happen?!

Peacock in someone’s drive!


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