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Glass Class, Playing and The Beach

Another lovely LiveWire day starting with them wanting to learn how to make something in glass. I cut the pieces for shooting stars for them both, they foiled the pieces and we started the soldering . We will finish that tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning.They both worked so hard!


Beginning to solder

We went off to Heartlands to have lunch and then to play on the brilliant equipment like many other families.


Landing after balancing across the blocks

Later we took a trip to our nearest and favourite beach, Porthtowan,  to play at damming up the stream, making pools and diverting the stream. I loved doing this as a kid, again with our four and now with the LiveWires. It isn’t something that you can grow out of  – or would ever want to!

Collecting water

Diverting the stream


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Chaffinch, Clematis and Evening Sky

Breakfast outside again and the birds are become used to us so still come to the feeders.


Our Suffragette Garden now has Purple Clematis and white Japanese Anemones.

Purple Clematis

Supper in Porthtowan and the evening sky was lovely.

Evening at Porthtowan



On the Beach and First Carrot

An accident on the A30 and a road closure meant that Daughter No3 and her Daughter, LiveWire No4, returned after saying goodbye two hours previously so we managed an extra afternoon on the beach which was a special delight, being so unexpected.

B helped to harvest our first carrot, somewhat curly and very tasty.

First carrot!


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Community Garden, Thistle and Surfer

I went singing at the Eco Park today to learn ‘Lean on Me’ for a community sing on World Refugee Day. Watch this space! Their community garden is developing well.

I love the thistle heads at this time of year.

Thistle head

This evening I went for a second session to learn the song along with about 30 others. (There will be a video in time. ). This evening the session was at the Blue Bar so the lovely Mr S and went early to have our supper there first. We always enjoy being by the sea and watching the surfers.

Lone surfer


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Porthtowan, Wild Garden and Gerbera

Despite the mizzle, we went down to the beach today and had a lovely time.  

In the village I found this pretty wild patch.  

We visited a lovely friend this afternoon and her previous visitors had brought her a gorgeous bunch of Gerbera. 


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Frost, Crocus and The Beach

1  We woke to a clear, bright and frosty morning – no rain!

Frost patterns

Frost patterns

Frost droplets on the grass

Sunlit frost droplets on the grass

2    In fact, it has been a glorious day with sun that warmed us up, encouraged the crocuses to open right up and encouraged lots of families to go to the beach to play. Our closest beach and one of our favourites has been stripped of its sand by the relentless storms of this winter.  I have known this beach for over forty years and have never seen it like this before. We hope that over the next few months the tides bring back all our soft, golden sand. However, the Grandchildren dug channels and redirected the streams and made dams and were happiness personified in the delight they showed playing by the sea!

Crocus wide open in the sun

Crocus wide open in the sun


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Gladioli, Beach Walk and An Engine House

1   Last night, the friends who came to dinner brought us some beautiful Gladioli in purple, white and green as they know what these colours mean to me. Thank you P&A!

Gladioli, in purple, white and green

Gladioli, in purple, white and green

2  It’s officially the first day of Autumn today and in temperatures of 22C, we walked from Porthtowan along the beach at low tide  to Chapelporth.   Surfers surfed, children played, dogs paddled, girls rode by on their horses and people, like us, walked the length of the beach in the Autumn sunshine. I love the sound of the waves breaking on the beach. It’s a sound I grew up with and  I relish every moment I can be by the sea and listen to the soughing of the waves onto the beach………

3    Seeing Towanroath Shaft Pumping Engine House at Wheal Coates from the beach shows just how much on the edge of the cliff the mine was. I posted two photos of the engine house from the top of the cliffs here if you missed them. One is mine of sunset at the engine house and the other, by Tim Martindale, is of the Milky Way behind the engine house and is just awesome!

Wheal Coates from the beach below

Wheal Coates from the beach below

We are getting very excited about our New England in the Fall holiday!


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