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Glass Class, Playing and The Beach

Another lovely LiveWire day starting with them wanting to learn how to make something in glass. I cut the pieces for shooting stars for them both, they foiled the pieces and we started the soldering . We will finish that tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning.They both worked so hard!


Beginning to solder

We went off to Heartlands to have lunch and then to play on the brilliant equipment like many other families.


Landing after balancing across the blocks

Later we took a trip to our nearest and favourite beach, Porthtowan,  to play at damming up the stream, making pools and diverting the stream. I loved doing this as a kid, again with our four and now with the LiveWires. It isn’t something that you can grow out of  – or would ever want to!

Collecting water

Diverting the stream


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Another Lovely Day with Our Live Wires

After a delicious breakfast of Eggy Bread with Fruit,  a busy time making a mask for the Summer Ball at Tehidy tomorrow and some bird watching (Goldfinches, Bullfinches, Magpies, Blackbirds and a Woodpecker) we set off for nearby Heartlands where there is a most imaginative playground and the rain really doesn’t matter. Later we went next door to visit S and the cats.  Share our day with us in this gallery.



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