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Mothers’ Day, Treats and Love

Our lovely kids were all in touch today with cards, calls, chocolates and photographs and an extra rather special gift:   Refuge_parcels_-_mother_s_parcel. Do click on the link to see the important work being done for women less fortunate than those in my family.

It has been another beautiful day so we popped down to Chapel Porth before the crowds! Join our walk at low tide on an almost empty beach.

I send my love to all my lovely readers, be you Mothers or not. I hope you have all had a good day.


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Beach, Horses and Poor Bird

1    What a lovely day with Daughter no 3 and family visiting. Grand-baby B loved the beach…….



2    …… and loved watching the horses from her Daddy’s shoulders.

Look! Horses!

Look! Horses!

3     Sadly, this poor young female Bullfinch killed herself by flying into the window. Just look at the delicacy of the feathers on her back and the beauty of her tail feathers. What a remarkable little creature.

Young female Bullfinch

Young female Bullfinch


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Dandelions, Porthtowan and Hot Chocolate with Ammar

1  I love the vibrant beauty of dandelions!

These were growing at the side of the beach in Porthtowan.

2   We determined to go to the beach at Porthtowan whatever the weather today and, although a bit chilly, we had lots of fun. Jake in his little wet-suit, played in the very cold water!

Jake in the stream

Tabitha loved running about on the sand

3   We followed these adventures with beautiful hot chocolates at The Blue Bar Porthtowan where we met Claire and Ammar which was rather special.

Hot Chocolate

Jake cooling his hot chocolate down

Playing with Ammar

PS The lovely Anni of has very kindly nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger award about which I am delighted and which I will sort out when the family have gone home. Thank you very much, Anni!


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Rabbits, Tide Clock and Brass Trade

1  The rabbits in the field behind us have been running around showing their white tails as they race by – Spring is in the air here too!

Tide clock

2  Our tide clock gives us pleasure every day. We can choose if our walk will be on the beach or the cliff tops. In fact today, because of our continued work on the sun-room, we just went round the Great Flat Lode behind the house. The light was lovely.

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3  I offered Charlie’s brass sheets and wire on Network Cornwall today and had a reply from Naomi who makes fused glass and who is happy to trade! See her work at

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Happy Christmas, Porthtowan and Senegal Calling

1  It wasn’t an early morning! Jake slept until 8am and then rustled and chatted while his Mum and Dad listened at the door! Jake was pleased the oats had gone.

2  After present giving , we went for a very windswept and welcome walk on Porthtowan Beach and had a late lunch. Lots of help from Lucy and her friend Mobin (who is spending today and tomorrow with us) was very welcome indeed. We used some of Mum and Dad’s Wedding present china for the bread sauce and the gravy, as we do every year, so that they are with us for Christmas dinner.

3  Daniel called from Senegal and we all spoke to him and to Ami, which was lovely.  We’ll all have to brush up our French before the wedding!

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