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Mothers’ Day, Treats and Love

Our lovely kids were all in touch today with cards, calls, chocolates and photographs and an extra rather special gift:   Refuge_parcels_-_mother_s_parcel. Do click on the link to see the important work being done for women less fortunate than those in my family.

It has been another beautiful day so we popped down to Chapel Porth before the crowds! Join our walk at low tide on an almost empty beach.

I send my love to all my lovely readers, be you Mothers or not. I hope you have all had a good day.


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Visit, Walk and Dessert

Our eldest daughter has been down for the day for her birthday which is tomorrow and happily this year it has coincided with Mother’s Day. We spent the afternoon on a lovely long walk out of Trelissick along the river through the woods and back up again.  Join us on our peaceful stroll. Please click on any photo for detail.

We had a delicious Birthday dinner of Chicken Adobo followed by Chocolate Torte.IMG_9374


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Mother’s Day

It is Mothering Sunday here in the UK and I have been spoilt! Delicious croissants for breakfast, cards and presents, flowers and phone calls and a walk on the Great Flat Lode investigating some wonderful old industrial architecture (of which more in my next post) Click on any photo for more detail. I wish I could send you smells as well. The gorse smells of honey and the Daphne Odora is just intoxicating and is a scent and a plant that my own lovely Mum loved too.

I repeat here a message that a friend sent out last year and which I found very touching.
“A message of love and compassion to all friends out there on Mother’s Day who do not have their own children, to friends who are estranged from their children or their mothers and to friends who have lost treasured members of their family ... may you find unconditional love in unexpected places and a healthy channel for your own nurturing and creativity to help make the world around you a place where you feel cared for and are seen and known for who you are.” Thank you, Pip.

P.S. Does anyone else find the new posting page infuriating?


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