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Autumn Equinox, Creature and A Sky Kiss

It’s the Autumn Equinox today and I have kindly been given permission to use this beautifully golden leafed  photograph taken by Kris Meaden in Penlee Park in Penzance.

We still have a couple of baby brassicas in the poly tunnel at the allotment and today we had a little visitor. Do any of you lovely readers know what it is? I left it alone so I’m hoping its favourite food isn’t young Kale!

While at the allotment, the sky showed us this delight full trail pattern.



A Sign, Flags and Sunflower Seeds

While we were away I spotted a sign in a window that amused me.

As we left Newlyn, we passed by the Jubilee Swimming Pool in Penzance where the flags are gorgeous.

The sunflowers in the allotment have such heavy heads of seeds that I have brought one home and put it on the bird feeder pole where the setting sun has lit it up this evening. I hope that our visiting birds will  find the seeds tasty.


Exhibition, Penzance and Pudding

Today was the last day of an exhibition we wanted to see at the art gallery at Tremenheere gardens. Heavy rain was forecast so we planned on walking in Penzance afterwards rather than going up into the sculpture gardens. My favourite piece was this rather quirky sonnet by Julia Giles.   .

Sycamore Seed Sonnet by Julia Giles

There were lots of little treasures to be enjoyed on our mizzly stroll around the streets of Penzance. Share them with us.

We are watching the Euros final as I write and our pud for half time is in the right colours – meringue and cream with beautiful juicy red berries from Sue-next-door’s allotment. Thanks, Sue!


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A Painting, A Poem, and More Pebbles

I love it when beautiful things come my way out of the blue. This poem by Nicolette Sowder and its lovely art work by Lucy Campbell turned up yesterday.
May we raise children
who love the unloved
things – the dandelion, the
worms & spiderlings.
Children who sense
the rose needs the thorn
& run into rainswept days
the same way they
turn towards sun…
And when they’re grown &
someone has to speak for those
who have no voice
may they draw upon that
wilder bond, those days of
tending tender things
and be the ones.
~ Nicolette Sowder
A couple of my dear readers commented on the beautiful and enormous pebbles on Penzance Promenade and I thought that they, and you, might like another picture where a different set of the sculptured pebbles, have been joined by real pebbles and seaweed thrown up by the last crazy storm.

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A Seal, A Castle and A Turnstone

We found ourselves unexpectedly in Penzance today. The lovely Mr S has an outpatient appointment on Thursday and our hospital is being very careful about the virus so books each patient for a Covid test three days before. We decided to go early so that we could have a walk first. Enjoy the sunny photos!

Seal and I love how the water looks here

Castle on St Michael’s Mount


Jubilee Pool

Reflection and the castle

Two rather touching memory plaques on one of the new benches along the newly refurbished promenade.


One Day


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New Year’s Eve

It’s my birthday and what a lovely day I am having – special breakfast, cards and presents, phone calls, lunch and birthday shopping in Penzance, a very sociable gathering next door and Duck dinner to come! (And just as I was writing this, two beautiful friends called in – more joy!)

Happy New Year to all my readers! May the coming year bring you happiness, friendship and peace. 🙂


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Penzance, Soap Box Derby and The Man Engine

It was Man Engine Day in Penzance today so off we went by train. The morning kicked off with a fabulous Miners’ Cart Soap Box Derby which was enormous fun. We had Tartiflette for lunch from one of the street food stalls (delicious!) and then a walk around Penzance enjoying music and dance along the way before returning to Market Jew Street to watch the Man Engine Ceremony, this time along with 18,000 other people! Click on any photo in the Gallery for detail.


Penzance, Art Deco Lido and Flowers

Home late! Come back tomorrow for photos! You’ll be pleased that you did!

Here they are  – click on any photo for the caption. The delightful street sign photos were taken from a moving car.


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Walking and Singing Together

Dylan Thomas once said of Mousehole (pronounced Mowzel) that it was the prettiest village in England and it was here that we started our walk today with singers from two Cornish choirs, Levow an Bys and Dawn Chorus, in aid of Freedom from Torture.  Join us all on this chilly walk as we make our way through Mousehole into Newlyn and thence to Penzance stopping at various points along the way to sing. What a splendid afternoon. Thank you P for inviting us along.  Click on any photo for detail and the caption which will tell you what we sang at each point. Sorry I don’t have any recordings for you. Stopping to take photos was quite tricky in the midst of fifty walkers!


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