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Allotment, Now and Then, and Supper

Another beautiful day to work at the allotment and now we can see progress.

28 February 2021. Beds and paths marked out in the ‘cage’

August 2021 The fruit cage full of weeds, brambles and very old fruit bushes which are now gone, given away or composted.

Dinner came out of the freezer tonight as pretty shattered again both from the work and the heat of the sun!

Rainbow Veg Pakora Picnic Pie by Nadiya Hussein



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Full Moon, Solar Lights and Books

It has been another glorious day (more work at the allotment, too) and the skies are clear this evening so we can see the full moon in the first time for many months. It’s called the Snow Moon thought we have no snow . The first photo is when I realised I need to change the camera setting; the one below, rather gorgeous, I think, is before the hand-held night landscape setting.

And, for the first time in many weeks there has been enough sunlight for our solar lights to gather the strength to light up when darkness comes.

As regular readers will know, I love books!

and to be shared and enjoyed and talked about and ……


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Planter, Camellia and Fish’n’Chips

Our Three Wise Monkeys planter is full of Tete a Tete and the Muscari are almost ready to join them.

Next door’s Camellia was caught in the evening sunshine today.

We worked in the garden in sunshine all morning and then, in the allotment, still weeding, this afternoon. We are getting the ground ready and hope to be planting before too long as the soil warms up. We were both shattered by the time we came home so ordered Fish’n’chips from the best ever chippie, Greg and Lou’s in Redruth.



New Border, Reflection and Cake

The bulbs in the new border are looking fabulous!

Sitting in the study this morning, I realised that the view from the window over the fields to the horizon was reflected in one of our paintings.

We felt a need for cake this afternoon so I made  Blueberry Streusel Cake which is quite delicious and one of our favourites.



Baby Beanies, Ice Patterns and Seeds

I’ve been knitting tiny little hats for premature babies at our local hospital. They are in three colours, red for the very poorly ones, orange for this who are getting better and green for those are nearly ready to go home.  Time to contact the co-ordinator for collection. My camera has reproduced the red very badly!

Traffic light hats

Thawing the soup for lunch, this pretty pattern turned up on the icy plastic pint pot as it sat in a pan of cold water.

More seeds arrived today – great delight all round and more plans for Summer colour.

Sweet Peas for scent in the day , Nicotiana for evening scent, Nasturtiums for colour and salads and Poppies for their rich colours and lovely seed pods.


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Cherry Blossom, Primroses and A Feather (edited – Almond Tree)

A swift walk today in yet more gales brightened by a Almond Tree ( We thought this was a Cherry but a lovely friend who knows the people who live in the house that it is an Almond)  in blossom, Primroses on a hedge and a feather caught in some moss on a tree trunk.


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Reptile Ridge, Ladybird and Crocuses

I mentioned once before that our lovely neighbour’s brother is in Antarctica as part of the British Antarctic Survey. Yesterday he sent some photos and has given me permission to use this beautiful one, taken by Pete as he and a pal went for a stomp up Reptile Ridge, near the Rothera Base where they are working.

Adventure on Reptile Ridge, photo by Pete Hill

We’ve had a dry and sunny, thought still cold day and I had a walk around the garden before heading off to continue the weeding at the allotment.  I heard a bee but if flew off the purple Crocus just as I took the photo.

I was delighted to see a Ladybird at the back. I hope we don’t have another really bitter spell so these two precious creatures survive.


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Planting, Cones and Last Daffodil

Our walk today took us through our local park where it seem some (rather rough) bulb planting has been going on.

It is lovely to see the new cones beginning to develop.

Cones, old and new

Just one bloom left from our excellent bunch of Cornish Daffodils.

Last daffodil



Eccles Cakes, Cats and Daffodils

The lovely Mr Smith made Eccles cakes yesterday and they are superb! In fact, in the words of Sue-next-door, an Eccles cake aficionado, “That was officially the best Eccles cake ever!”

This came my way today and made me laugh so I hope it does the same for you.

Our Cornish daffodils, bought on Thursday 11th February, are almost over. These are the last ones left. They have been just so lovely.


Wind, Rain and Rainbow Glass

A couple of videos today of our wild weather –  the big fir tree where many birds hang out and next door’s Camellia and Tree Fern being buffeted about. The wind has been about 30mph all day with gusts in the 50s. We’re expecting much the same tomorrow.


My Rainbow glass looks very pretty with the mini tree lights behind it.

I bought our Daffodils eight days ago and they are still giving us joy.


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