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Planting, Cones and Last Daffodil

Our walk today took us through our local park where it seem some (rather rough) bulb planting has been going on.

It is lovely to see the new cones beginning to develop.

Cones, old and new

Just one bloom left from our excellent bunch of Cornish Daffodils.

Last daffodil



Wind, Rain and Rainbow Glass

A couple of videos today of our wild weather –  the big fir tree where many birds hang out and next door’s Camellia and Tree Fern being buffeted about. The wind has been about 30mph all day with gusts in the 50s. We’re expecting much the same tomorrow.


My Rainbow glass looks very pretty with the mini tree lights behind it.

I bought our Daffodils eight days ago and they are still giving us joy.


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Love, Reading and Daffodils

It’s Valentine’s Day and I send love to all my readers.

The vile weather continues here so it’s been another curl up and read day. I finished a fabulous book today that I only  started yesterday.  I think that tells you how compelling it was – The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Thank you for lending it to me, H, much appreciated.

Our Daffodils are opening and are a very welcome splash of goldenness on these grey and gloomy days.


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A Poem, Glass and Today’s Daffodils

When I read this poem by my friend, Kim Ridgeon, it just rang bells. We, too, miss the sea so much. Our nearest sea on the North Coast is just  four miles away and the South coast only ten but lockdown means we have to walk from our door. Thank you Kim, for letting me share your carefully crafted words here.

When we pulled down the blind in the back window, the piece of glass that hangs in the window was illuminated by the lights we still have on our baby Christmas tree in a pot.

Here are our Cornish Daffodils, day 2.


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Daffodils and A Technician

A few days ago our lovely neighbour delivered some Cornish daffodils for our 13th anniversary of moving here. They were all in bud but have now opened and are glorious, two vases full.  On our first evening here, in 2008, before the removal vans arrived,  we were sitting on the dining room floor with our daughter and her friend, enjoying our first meal in our new house – a Chinese takeaway. There was a ring at the door and there was Sue with a jam jar full of Cornish daffodils. She joined us on the floor and shared our dinner and it was quite clear from that moment that we would become very good friends. She has brought us daffodils on our anniversary ever since!.

Our internet has been down all day.  It has been quite a salutary lesson to realise how very dependent we are on being connected. We had an art lecture on Charles Rennie Mackintosh to attend in the early evening and later on I was to join a zoom choir session. We realised we couldn’t look up what to do to sort the problem, we couldn’t do our online supermarket order, couldn’t  ‘chat’ to friends, couldn’t do any banking and the list went on.  I wouldn’t be able to do my blog!  Happily, a very efficient and friendly technician from BT (British Telecom) was able to sort us out in a 40 minute phone call and there we were back on line in time to sing!  Thank you Scott from the Exeter BT help office.


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My Glass Decoration, Paddington Bear and Daffodils

Here is my completed glass hanging so that you can see the design more clearly. I have incorporated one of a pair of earrings that I no longer wear though they were much loved so now my piece contains memories too.

The piece I am very pleased with

We found this commemorative 50p in our change yesterday – Paddington Bear at Paddington Station. It is strange how the photo makes it appear see-through.

50p piece

One of my readers and a good friend sent me a photo of some daffodils so here they are, one of today’s beautiful things thanks to A. They are locally grown.

Spring in December from Anne



Sunshine, Celandine and Our Daffodils

The sun has been shining today, shafts coming through the vine next door and lighting up the leaves.

Sunshine on leaves

Our walk was lovely today, very cold on our faces but apricity on our backs and then the reverse on our way up from town.  Another shaft of sunlight lit up a Celandine along Lovers’ Lane.


We had Daffodils flowering in the front garden but the wild winds have beaten several of them to the ground so I cut them and brought them indoors to be appreciated.


I have published the next episode of Suffragette Diary . Here is the link


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Daffodils, Tree Trunk and Winter Branches

I spotted the white bench first on our walk today, then the daffodils in flower so early and then, when I loaded the photos, the Gnome!

and a Gnome!

and a Gnome!

Green moss,  green ivy and a tree trunk….

Tree trunk

Tree trunk

It has been a day of very heavy showers and some blue skies. We had both on our walk.

I love winter branches

I love winter branches


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Truro Cathedral, Dad’s Daffs and Clematis

1  We went to Truro today.

2   Dad’s Cornish Daffs are grown in St Keverne and smell divine.

3   We have a few flowers on our Clematis Cirrohsa Balearica but you have to get right underneath them to see inside.

Look inside

Look inside


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Daffodils, Rooster and Choux Hearts

1    Yesterday, friends delivered a lovely bunch of Daffodils in the bud from my beautiful choir leader, Claire. Today they are open and very lovely. Thank you so much, Claire!

Claire's daffodils

Claire’s daffodils

2   Last night we went to see Ballet Rambert performing one of our favourite ballets, Rooster, to the music of the Rolling Stones. It was brilliant as was the rest of the show.

3   It being Valentine’s Day, we have had a special meal tonight, the dessert being Choux pastry Hearts filled with Vanilla cream and topped with a chocolate ganache. They went down well!


Choux heart

Choux heart

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my readers!



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