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Train Journey, Hat and Poster

1. We love our five hour train journey up to London through glorious English countryside and along the coast.


2. Grand-baby T loves hats and here she has borrowed mine.


3. Grand-baby J starts school in September and we were lucky enough to be able to go to the open evening. I love this poster and its philosophy.



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Magnolia,Train Journey Home and Memories of Babel

1    Saw this last magnolia blossom in North Finchley on our way to Woodside Park tube station.


2   The sun shone all the way home lighting up the amazingly yellow fields. The sheep and lambs seemed pleased to be drying out and I had four hours reading time! Almost finished ‘Restless’ by William Boyd.

Oil seed rape blossom

On a hill just before Truro

3   Babel was a surreal and amazing experience! It was promenade theatre where we walked through the tree lined paths of Caledonian Park – along which were individuals living their individual lives, playing the piano, peeling vegetables, knitting, typing – into the open space in front of the very beautiful Clock Tower built in 1855. In this space, tramping through chocolate thick mud, the people came together to build their city. There was music and fire and story telling. Very few photos worked  (no flash allowed) but here’s a taster:


Peeling vegetables

Playing the piano


Beautiful paper models, two of many

The Clock Tower, Caledonian Park

I don’t want to tell you more at this point -I want you to go and see it if you can and I don’t want to spoil it for you!


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The River Tamar, Sheep and a Busker

1   The train journey from Cornwall to London is always a pleasure – lots of beautiful countryside to enjoy and lots of reading time. There seemed to be a strong tide and the boats were all lined up on the River Tamar.

Boats lined up on The River Tamar

2   The train took an unusual route today and I spotted these sheep on a hill and just managed to get this photo through the rain streaked window. Don’t you just love them? I’m tempted to try this at home!

Sheep mural

3   I love the London Underground where there are so many amazing musicians busking but so many people just walk by. The music really lifts my spirits in the bustle and crush of the Underground.


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Train Journey, Home from Senegal and a Simple Supper

1    The train journey through English countryside:  The Somerset Levels, The White Horse, springy little  lambs, a Thelwell pony, flowers-in-a-boat on the station platform at Saltash, and above all, the vibrant green of the fields.

English countryside from the train

2   Coming home, beautiful bluebells and primroses in the front garden and coming into our house.


3  A very simple and very tasty supper of two poached eggs on toast!

and I’ll start writing about the beautiful things of Senegal tomorrow.


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Train Journey, Knitting and Grandbabies

My iPad wouldn’t let me write text yesterday hence the rather brief entry.

1  We had  beautiful journey up to London starting with mists in the valleys through Cornwall then such a blue sky for the rest of the way.

2  That meant five hours to read, chat, knit one of a pair of bootees and do the crossword. Bliss!

3  When we arrived at Woodside Green tube station and before the train had left we could hear a little voice calling, “GrannyGrandgrand, GrannyGrandgrand!” and as the train drew way we could see Jake with his Daddy. There’s something very special about being a Grandparent.

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